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By Samantha Nuechterlein

As Americans across the country remembered with somber hearts the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, one man ran the extra mile.

NCSL Foundation board member Mark GiuffreMark Giuffre, an NCSL Foundation board member, ran through pouring rain and puddled roads from the Pentagon all the way to Ground Zero in the 9/11 Promise Run.

Giuffre, vice president of state government relations at UPS, teamed up with 21 other UPS colleagues to form two relay teams running legs to complete all 240 miles with a U.S. flag in hand.

When he was asked to join the UPS relay team, Giuffre didn’t hesitate. A long time New Yorker with deep ties to the city, he hadn’t visited Ground Zero because the memories of lost friends in the terrorist attack 17 years ago were still too much.The UPS team raised more than $18,000 for Hope for the Warriors, a nonprofit veteran service organization, supporting a total of $78,000 donated to this year’s Promise Run charity.

He knew this opportunity was his chance to honor his friends and all those who were lost.

ee="" The UPS relay team that ran from the Pentagon to Ground Zero on Sept. 11.

The NCSL Foundation is pleased to highlight Giuffre’s accomplishment and commitment to our country. We are honored to have him on our board of directors. Thank you for all that you do!

Check out Giuffre’s interview with CBS New York.

Samantha Nuechterlein is development specialist with the NCSL Foundation.

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