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By Kevin Frazzini

Nevada Assemblyman Chris BrooksIs it getting warm in here? Supporting nearly 9,000 U.S. companies and employing more than 250,000 Americans, the solar energy industry is getting tough for lawmakers to ignore. “The policies we create in the legislature send the signals to the industry on whether to invest in our state or not,” Nevada Assemblyman Chris Brooks says. Plugged Into Solar




Inside this month’s issue:

Bill Pound“Americans are looking more and more to the states to solve problems and NCSL is here to help,” says Executive Director William T. Pound in a welcome message to all new lawmakers. From the Executive Director




Illinois Representative Will GuzzardiIllinois Representative Will Guzzardi says a minimum wage increase is needed “to get Illinois’ economy moving again, and that begins by putting money in workers’ pockets.” But those who say wage hikeskill jobs and force employers to cut workers’ hours or raise prices, or both, aren’t buying it. The Tipping Point 




Representative Diana Urban Just as every bus needs a driver, every bill needs a sponsor—or, as Connecticut Representative Diana Urban puts it, someone “crazy enough and tenacious enough to not let go” of a good idea. We review her recent book and two others. Off the Shelf




Former delegate Dave Albo“When you retire, don’t make stupid lists to tell other legislators how to do their jobs,” says former Virginia Delegate Dave Albo in his (mostly) tongue-in-cheek list of rules to, well, help lawmakers do their jobs. Albo’s Rules




Senator John Cullerton“I look upon my caucus as a family,” Illinois Senate President John Cullerton says. “I’m sort of like the oldest sibling.” The Final Word




Kevin Frazzini is the assistant editor of State Legislatures magazine.

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