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Miles 'Cap' Ferry was known around the Utah legislature for his loud clothes and his quietly effective style for getting his bills passed.

Miles 'Cap' Ferry, former NCSL PresidentMr. Ferry, who died late last week at 84, was president of NCSL in 1983-84 and served 20 years in the Utah legislature, including a stint as majority leader.

From the Salt Lake Tribune's obituary:

Former House Speaker Nolan Karras said Ferry's secret was his humility.

"That's what drew people to him," Karras said. "He wasn't a showoff. He got things done because he was so approachable."

While the adjectives "humble," "quiet" and "low-key" fit Ferry's personality, he also was known for his unusual choice of clothing.

"He wore a red plaid tuxedo to the governor's galas," said longtime lobbyist and former Weber County Commissioner Spencer Stokes. "That got attention."

He also used his wardrobe to send signals about key legislative events, Stokes added. "He had this loud, wide tie that had dollar signs all over it. He would wear that tie on the day the budget figures were to be released."

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