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By Kevin Pula

Voters across the country approved nearly 200 state or local ballot measures that will increase revenues for transportation infrastructure to the tune of $201 billion.

Statewide meaConstruction zonesures described on this blog last month in Illinois and New Jersey were approved, creating a “lockbox” on transportation funds. Voters in Alabama, Louisiana and Maine approved transportation related ballot measures, authorizing tolls, a transportation stabilization fund and bonds respectively.

The vast majority, and largest, of the transportation ballot measures were at the local or regional level. The city of Los Angeles will see a 1 cent sales tax increase, providing $120 billion for roads and transit over the next 40 years. Voters in the Seattle area approved a $54 billion package to support the Seattle Transit system over the next 25 years.

Missouri citizens voted against a measure to increase the state’s cigarette tax. The proposal would have raised nearly $100 million for transportation projects.

See all the statewide transportation ballot measures and others by visiting NCSL’s Ballot Measure Database and stay up to date on transportation issues by visiting NCSL’s Transportation webpage and NCSL’s Transportation Funding Deep Dive.

Kevin Pula is a policy specialist with NCSL’s Environment, Energy and Transportation program.

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