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By Amber Widgery

The February edition of State Legislatures magazine features a group of legislators recognized as leaders on sentencing and corrections policy who recently took part in a roundtable discussion at NCSL’s Denver office.

The journey through each state's sentencing and corrections reform is unique and no uniform solution fits the needs of all states. These leaders in reform met to discuss their state’s successes, educate others and learn from their colleagues.

In the article, you can learn why legislators felt there was a need for sentencing and corrections reform and how they enacted reform measures by wide margins. You can also discover more about the results that early reform states have realized and how savings produced as a result of these reforms have been reinvested in the criminal justice system.

At the meeting were seven states representing different regions of the country and ideological leanings. Each and every legislator stressed that there is no finish line for reform, but instead discussed what they hope to do in order to sustain and continue sentencing and corrections changes in their state.

To learn more about state reforms visit NCSL’s Justice Reinvestment State Resources page. The Pew Charitable Trusts public safety performance project supports many of these efforts.

Amber Widgery specializes in pretrial, sentencing and corrections policies for NCSL.

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