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By Alison May

A few weeks ago NCSL’s Early Care and Education project hosted an extremely well attended webinar about data.

Boy with blocksThe webinar, now archived, focused on how integrated early care and education data systems can inform policymakers and help answer questions about children, families, programs, and even services in your specific state.

The webinar presenter was Carlise King, executive director of the Early Childhood Data Collaborative (ECDC) at Child Trends. During the hour-long presentation, King covered the following items while leaving time for a robust question and answer period:

  • Why are early childhood data critical?
  • How can integrating early childhood data help legislators?
  • Examples of state success stories from Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Utah.
  • A menu of policy options for policymakers to consider.

One of the takeaways, and something you might face in your state, is that early childhood data about young children, families and programs are most often disconnected. By working to integrate these early childhood data policymakers are able to answer numerous critical questions. Those include the following:

  • Are there certain populations that are disproportionately underserved by child care subsidies?
  • Do children receiving subsidized care, particularly in high poverty areas, have access to high quality programs?
  • Are there barriers for working families to access early care and education programs?
  • What policies and investments lead to a skilled and stable early childhood workforce?
  • How are children and families benefiting from programs?

Be sure to check out the full archived webinar and PowerPoint presentation today.

The Early Care and Education project will be at it again with a webinar set for Nov. 19 at 2 p.m. ET to examine the hot topic of suspension and/or expulsion of students in prekindergarten. This webinar will feature speakers from the District of Columbia discussing 2015 DC B 1, a recent bill about student discipline. Additional information on this upcoming webinar, including how to register, will be available shortly.

Alison May is a staff coordinator in NCSL’s Children and Families program.

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