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(The climate regulations webinar has been rescheduled to Oct. 31 due to ramifications of the government shutdown.)

By Jocelyn Durkay

Washington and the states are abuzz over the president’s climate action plan and the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new ruling on carbon pollution standards for future power plants, leaving many to wonder how policy makers can assist in achieving targeted emissions without harming economic productivity.

Climate blog 2NCSL’s Energy Program will host a free webinar discussing how state and federal greenhouse gas reduction requirements could affect state government, utilities, industries and investors. The webinar, “Energy Planning for Climate Regulations: Lowering the Cost of Cutting Carbon,” will take place from 3-4 p.m. Eastern time, Thursday, Oct. 31. Registration is open.

This webinar will feature Judi Greenwald, deputy director for climate, environment and efficiency at the Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis for the U.S. Department of Energy and Jack Ihle, director of environmental policy for Xcel Energy Colorado.

Given the federal government’s new proposal to limit emissions, many state policy makers see challenges in how to achieve reductions without increasing energy costs, harming the economy and hurting job growth. With his June climate action plan, the president outlined a number of initiatives relating to low-emissions energy policies including: incentives for renewable energy; promoting solar and wind energy on federal lands; increasing the reliability and efficiency of the electric grid; and promoting nuclear power and natural gas. Please see this June post on The Thicket for more information.

Join us  Thursday, Oct. 31 for this webinar exploring state and utility low carbon, high productivity options for reducing emissions. Registration is currently open.

Jocelyn Durkay is a research analyst with NCSL’s Environment, Energy and Transportation program.

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