NCSL Accessibility Policy



The National Conference of State Legislatures is committed to ensuring that our website is accessible to everyone regardless of ability or access method. Pages on this site are created and maintained, to the best of our ability, to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommendations for accessible websites.

To affirm our commitment, employees who work as website content editors are trained in the functions of web accessibility tools and techniques. We also regularly test our website for compliance.

Accessibility Features

NCSL uses industry-standard techniques and preferred practices to provide the highest possible level of ADA website accessibility for our users. Using automated tools, we routinely check the site for accessibility.

Features of our website intended to increase accessibility include:

  • Animation: We avoid moving images on pages except for video.
  • Links: We train editors to avoid “click here” type links and instead describe the link.
  • PDFs. The NCSL website contains more than 10,000 PDF documents that are not accessible to automated readers. It is impractical to convert all of them to a readable format. NCSL will, however, convert a document to either an accessible PDF format or accessible Microsoft Word format upon request.
  • SkipNav: We employ a skip navigation feature in the page skins so users with automated readers can go directly to the content on the page.
  • Tables: Our tables have a header section and utilize <th> tags. We also use the caption feature.
  • Tags: Alt tags are on most photos and graphics. 
  • Text: We use text-(HTML) based pages.
  • Videos: All but a few of our videos use an embed code from YouTube in a player on our website. When you use the embed code, it generates a link to YouTube on the bottom right corner of the video that allows the user to watch the video on YouTube and use the closed captioning capability. On our help page we will explain this functionality to our users.
  • Webinars: All but a few our webinars take the user to the YouTube page where there is a closed caption option. The account is set to show a caption option on all videos.

Accessibility Challenges

NCSL is committed to updating areas of our website that are determined to be non-ADA compliant. As a result, we are in varying stages of progress toward our accessibility goal. As part of that effort, we have established a staffed telephone support line to aid users with access problems. We’ve also created an Accessibility Help Page that is linked to from every page on the website.

Help Make NCSL’s Website More Accessible

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you have any difficulty accessing information on our websites, please email Feray Baytok, NCSL’s IT director, or Lesley Kennedy, NCSL’s director of digital communications.