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BIS: 50-State + Full Text Search | Legislators and Staff Only


NCSL has partnered with State Net/LexisNexis to provide legislators and legislative staff access to a 50-state+ searchable legislation database containing the full text of every bill in the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Congress for the current session. Summaries of Puerto Rico bills also are available.  

This resource, the Bill Information Service (BIS), also provides additional legislative resources, such as weekly session schedules and other state-specific resources. The service is not available to members of the public.

You must be registered on the NCSL website as a legislator or legislative staff to gain access to Bill Information Services. If you've reached this page and believe you are registered and logged into the website, call 303-856-1650 for assistance.

Bills are searchable by:

  • Bill number
  • Full text
  • Author (sponsor)
  • Location (state)

Help instructions are available in pop-up windows in the bill information system. You will need to enable pop-up windows in your browser for the State Net site to view the help screens.