Smart Communities Summit



The Smart Communities Public-Private Partnership held a Smart Communities Summit, May 14-16 in Columbus, Ohio, at the Hilton Columbus Downtown. Participants were invited to attend the IllumiNation Energy Summit, a collaborative effort between American Electric Power (AEP) and Ohio State University, which explored the rapid digitization of the energy sector and new energy technologies that play an essential role in the creation of smart communities.

Below is the meeting's agenda, speakers and presentations.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Creating the Smart Community

As states, cities and towns begin their smart communities planning process, they have a vast number of technologies, practices and policies to consider. This session will explore current trends through case studies that highlight a variety of approaches that are being taken to make communities more productive, livable, vibrant and resilient. Presenters will also discuss the first steps planners and policymakers should consider given the numerous complex elements need to be addressed to build a successful smart community

Opening Remarks

  • Mike Stevens, chief innovation officer, city of Columbus


  • Representative Stephen Handy (R-Utah)


  • Priscilla Nagashima Boyd, senior manager of data analytics implementation, Siemens Mobility, Inc. | Presentation
  • Christy Daniel, director of distributed energy technology, Duke Energy | Presentation

Catalyzing Smart Transportation Technology in Ohio

The state of Ohio is partnering with local governments, chambers of commerce and industry to develop transportation technology to aid safer and more reliable travel. We will hear about efforts in Marysville, Ohio to connect their entire traffic signaling system; drone deployment to assist with traffic management along a highway corridor; autonomous vehicle testing; and how Columbus established the charging infrastructure needed for large scale deployment of electric vehicles.


  • Senator Jeff Brandes (R-Fla.)


  • James Barna, executive director, DriveOhio | Presentation
  • Jordan Davis, director of smart cities strategy and collaboration, Columbus Partnership
  • Eric Phillips, executive director, Union County-Marysville Economic Development | Presentation


  • Honda demonstration of Smart Intersection Technology | Video
  • Smart Columbus' Playbook | Website

Partnerships to Connect Communities

Given the complexity and expense of developing smart communities, governments often partner with private entities. This session will explore case studies demonstrating how public-private partnerships can connect governments with well-suited partners.


  • Former Representative Tom Sloan (R-Kan.)


  • William Maguire, Connected Communities LLC, Washington, D.C. | Presentation
  • William Wallace, US Ignite, Washington, D.C. | Presentation 

Smart Communities: Privacy and Data Security

As technology becomes more essential to government operation, several recent data breaches, questions regarding what data is collected and how it is used, and the challenges in securing data collected through various smart communities’ efforts are at the forefront of the public’s mind. This session will examine what questions policymakers should ask and issues they should be aware of if they wish to develop principled data practices for smart communities.


  • Patricia Murdo, Montana Legislative Services Division


  • Kelsey Finch, policy counsel, Future of Privacy Forum, Washington, D.C. | Presentation
  • Noel Isama, open cities senior analyst, Sunlight Foundation, Washington, D.C. | Presentation 

Tour of the Smart Columbus Experience Center

Attendees traveled to the Smart Columbus Experience Center for a tour that included an autonomous vehicle ride as well as a reception.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Roundtable: Smart Communities—An Actionable Framework

This experience session will explore the questions lawmakers, staff and the private sector face when considering actions to enhance smart communities. What goals are policymakers trying to achieve? Which smart communities’ policies are important? What roles can policymakers and the private sector play in creating smart communities? Participants will explore these and other questions. The discussion will help create a framework for a legislator playbook that will be developed by NCSL staff after the meeting.


  • Rana Sen, Deloitte
  • Aubrey Gunnels, Deloitte
  • Christopher Keel, Deloitte

Business Meeting

  • Update on smart communities’ publication and outline discussion

Illumination Energy Summit

Attendees joined the Illumination Energy Summit hosted by American Electric Power and were given the opportunity to visit interactive exhibits and the VIP expo hall.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Illumination Energy Summit

Attendees participated in the second day of the Illumination Energy Summit. Sessions on this day covered economic development through collaboration.