Smart Communities Public-Private Partnership | Winter 2018 Meeting



The Smart Communities Public-Private Partnership held its winter meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018,, in Washington, D.C., at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill in conjunction with the 2018 NCSL Capitol Forum.

The steering committee discussed and examined the major public policy issues related to the energy, transportation and communications sectors that affect the ability of states to develop smart communities. The a focus was on the energy, transportation and communication sectors. The meeting also explored barriers to smart community development and policies that can overcome these barriers. Below is the meeting's agenda, speakers and presentations.

Smart Communities Governance Roundtable

Creating smart communities will require unique and innovative partnerships between the public, private and academic sectors. Further, solutions to emerging issues will not be solved by a single jursidiction but rather through collaboration of federal, state, municipal and nongovernmental stakeholders. This moderated discussion will include insights from practitioners and policy makers about smart community governance issues and working across jursidictions to create 21st century solutions.


  • Senator Jeff Brandes (R), Florida


  • Brittney Kohler, program director, Transportation & Infrastructure, National League of Cities | Presentation
  • Martin Powell, global lead for urban development, Centre of Competence Cities Americas, Siemens Corporation | Presentation

Smart Communities, Smart Financing

As technology continues to expand the realm of possibilities for smart communities, and the private-sector continues to engage in modern delivery of public goods, new models of funding and financing will need to be developed. Hear from financial and procurement experts and practitioners on strategies to leverage private-sector involvement in smart infrastructure and next generation services.


  • Jason Powell, state fiscal staff, Virginia General Assembly


  • Steve Hamilton, senior manager, Transactions and Business Analytics, Deloitte | Presentation
  • Marisa Walker, senior vice president, Strategic Planning and Infrastructure, Arizona Commerce Authority | Presentation

Smart Solutions for Rural Communities

Smaller towns and rural areas can benefit as much as urban areas when it comes to modernizing energy, communications, and transportation infrastructure. This session explores how smart communities’ concepts can increase mobility, connectivity, resiliency and access to economic opportunities for those living in rural communities and smaller towns.


  • Representative Tom Sloan (R), Kansas


  • Brian O'Hara, senior director regulatory issues, Telecommunications & Broadband, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association | Presentation
  • Rick Cimerman, vice president, External and State Affairs, NCTA - The Internet & Television Association
  • Ryan B. Palmer, chief, Telecommunications Access Policy Division, Federal Communications Commission

Smart Communities & 5G

As the demand for wireless services continues to rise and 5G technology begins its rollout, state and local governments are developing ways to effectively deploy this technology. This session will describe 5G infrastructure, explore the future of wireless 5G regulation and how state, local and industry stakeholders are preparing for future use-cases.


  • Representative Diane St. Onge (R), Kentucky


  • Angelina Panettieri, principal associate, Technology and Communications, National League of Cities | Presentation
  • Zac Champ, vice president for government affairs, Wireless Infrastructure Association | Presentation

Data Sharing, Ownership and Security Strategies for Smart Communities

Emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, big data analytics and automation may all become part of a smart communities, but carry potential security, privacy and shared data concerns. This session will examine these concerns as data becomes more interconnected and the ways in which communities, states and the industry are addressing possible challenges.


  • Representative Jeff Bridges (D), Colorado 


  • Ariel Gold, data program manager, Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program office, U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Piyush Pandey, cyber risk solutions and smart cities cybersecurity leader, Deloitte
  • Federal Trade Commission (invited)
  • Daniel Castro, vice president, Information Techology and Innovation Foundation

Business Meeting

  • Smart Communities Summit planning
  • Publications outline discussion