NCSL Foundation Overview 2018



The NCSL Foundation for State Legislatures is proud to support the outstanding work of NCSL. The NCSL Foundation had another outstanding year exceeding its fundraising goal and delivering funding for critical projects.

In FY 2018, the NCSL Foundation continued to support two core programs: The Women’s Legislative Network and the Center for Ethics in Government. In addition, the foundation funded NCSL initiatives such as: Leaders’ Services, Center for Legislative Strengthening, Web Development, Member Outreach, Web Graphics and Design, Challenge Grants, Database and Research Development, Legislative Staff Management Institute, International Programs, E-learning, Civic Education, and Emerging Leaders. This year’s Challenge Grants supported innovative research on a variety of topics ranging from natural disaster mitigation, rural policy issues, high performing countries in education and unmanned aircraft systems.

Thanks to all 221 NCSL Foundation sponsors who make this work possible. Together, we are committed to the work of strengthening state legislatures.