NCSL Foundation for State Legislatures | Board of Directors


The NCSL Foundation for State Legislatures Board of Directors is a 45-member board made up of legislators, legislative staff and private sector directors. Terms are one year with the ability to renew each year. The bylaws require that the president, president-elect, vice president, staff chair, vice staff chair, and immediate past staff chair of NCSL and at least six current or former members of the NCSL executive committee serve on the board. There are 25 at-large seats. The immediate past president of NCSL serves as the president of the Foundation board. A vice president is elected by the board from the private sector directors to serve a four-year term. The board of directors meets each year as required in their bylaws at the annual NCSL Legislative Summit. A second meeting is usually scheduled during the winter meeting of the NCSL executive committee.

Interested in Serving on the Foundation Board?

Are you interested in lending your time and talents to the Foundation's board of directors? Openings on the board occasionally occur and anyone interested in serving is encouraged to apply. Each year, a nominating committee composed of the president of NCSL, the NCSL staff chair and the president of the board of directors (or their designee) considers candidates and presents a slate of nominees to the NCSL executive committee for approval. If you are interested in serving on the board, please submit in writing why you are interested in serving, why you should be considered, and your current involvement with the Foundation and NCSL. Below is a list of criteria considered when selecting candidates for vacancies on the board:

  • A current Foundation sponsor in good standing
  • Serving in a senior position with decision-making authority in your organization
  • Ability to travel to and participate in two board meetings each year
  • A willingness to dedicate time to the growth of the Foundation and Foundation programs
  • Past leadership role in other NCSL/Foundation activities
  • Bring diversity to region and/or industry

Please email your letter of interest to: Caroline Carlson