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The NCSL Foundation welcomes new officers Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos as president of the Foundation and Christine Csizmadia, director of state outreach for the Nuclear Energy Institute, as vice president. In addition, Martha Wigton the Georgia Director of House Budget and Research Office will serve as Secretary/Treasurer of the Foundation Board of Directors.


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Annual Report

Every year, the NCSL Foundation for State Legislatures produces an annual report to highlight the past fiscal year's awards, events and accomplishments. View any of the last three years' reports.



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This Year's Awards

The Foundation awarded more than $2 million to NCSL this fiscal year. In addition, the Foundation supported a variety of NCSL initiatives, from the Center for Ethics in Government to the perstigous Legislative Staff Management Institute. Please view our awards to NCSL Programs.


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NCSL Public Private Partnership on Recyling 

The Foundation is undertaking an exciting new effort on the NCSL Public Private Partnership on Recyling. Project partners continue to work and engage with lawmakers and legislative staff to explore strategies and policies to create coordination and communication between all levels of government, as well as the private and nonprofit sectors.