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Tourism Generated Tax Revenues

The sudden shift to domestic rural travel during the pandemic highlights the need for policymakers to think about the burdens tourists place on state and local resources.


Destination Denver: Come for the Summit, Stay for the Adventure

The Denver metro area has no shortage of fun and festive places to visit during your stay in Denver for the NCSL Legislative Summit.


Podcast: Our American States

Tackling Prescription Drug Costs

Our focus on this podcast is the prescription drug market and the role of pharmacy benefit managers or PBMs.


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State Elections Legislation

Since legislation is constantly changing, NCSL provides this database that allows you to search for the latest state elections legislation by state.


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Commercial Health Care Prices

This policy snapshot includes state policy options, trends and examples related to commercial health care prices.


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2022 Legislative Races by State and Chamber

Search which legislators are up for election in 2022, and the number of seats up for election in each state and in each chamber in 2022.


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NCSL Podcasts

NCSL podcasts connect you with state legislatures, offering insights from legislative leaders and staff, astute political observers and public policy experts from across the nation. Download or stream our collection today.



Read the Latest in State Legislatures News

Find the latest news on state policy, politics and personalities as well as stories from the print edition of State Legislatures magazine.



Check Out NCSL's New Resource on Food Safety

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we went from dinner out to dinner in. Americans took to cooking at home and the use of food-delivery apps more than doubled as takeout often took the place of eating at restaurants.