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Caring for the Caregivers: Policy Support for Early Child Care Pros

The biggest challenge facing home-based child care providers right now is compensation that is relevant to providers’ experience.


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2021 Legislative Summit Preview

On this podcast, we talk with three of NCSL’s experts about some of the sessions coming up at the Summit.


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Consumer Data Privacy Legislation

The chart illustrates trends in consumer data privacy legislation introduced and enacted this year.


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Fall Virtual Programming 2021

The Legislative Information and Communications Staff (LINCS) professional association is pleased to offer fall 2021 virtual professional development programming.


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Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS)

In recent years, states have been updating and expanding their Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS) to achieve energy savings and reduce pollution associated with energy generation and use. This webpage provides background on state EERS programs and evaluates EERS policy design and implementation challenges across the United States.


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2021 Election Enactments

All 50 states have introduced election-related bills so far in 2021. This webpage tracks significant elections-related enactments.


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NCSL Podcasts

NCSL podcasts connect you with state legislatures, offering insights from legislative leaders and staff, astute political observers and public policy experts from across the nation. Download or stream our collection today.



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Find the latest news on state policy, politics and personalities as well as stories from the print edition of State Legislatures magazine.



Special Delivery: State Strategies to Ensure Healthy Pregnancies

NCSL’s new report “State Approaches to Ensuring Healthy Pregnancies Through Prenatal Care” summarizes the factors affecting access to and use of prenatal care, different models of care, and state-level solutions and policy options.