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Entries for October 2012


Jon Kuhl interviews Jennie Bowser, an NCSL senior fellow, and a nationally recognized voter ID expert. The discussion focuses on the fact that 33 states have passed voter ID laws, 30 of which will be in place on Election Day this November.Jennie has been quoted discussing the topic with numerous media outlets.

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We’re talking social media on Statecast this week with Andrew Krzmarzick, director of Community Engagement at GovLoop. Among the topics being discussed, whether state officials should get to keep their Facebook accounts when they leave office, and how GovLoop can help legislative staff when questions pop up at work.


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States received a bit of a Christmas surprise last December when the U.S. Justice Department issued an opinion reversing its policy on online gambling. Since then, several states have moved forward in creating online gambling operations. But with new federal legislation being discussed in Congress, states may soon lose their autonomy over online gambling. To discuss the issue, NCSL's Jon Kuhl interviewed Mark Hichar, a gaming law expert and a partner at the Hinckley, Allen and Snyder, LLP law firm.


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The U.S. Supreme Court went out with a roar last June, issuing a series of major decisions including one on the Affordable Care Act and Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law. The court returned from their summer break on Monday, and as many court watchers are predicting, this may be another big year for the court. To discuss the upcoming cases that will impact states, NCSL’s Jon Kuhl sat down with the executive director of the State and Local Legal Center, Lisa Soronen.

Links we mention: State and Local Legal Center Supreme Court Preview Webinar, NCSL Fiscal Brief: Projected State Tax Growth in FY 2013


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