Teen Driving and Drivers Education Webinar

Teen Driving and Drivers Education in the 21st Century Webinar 

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  • Title:
    Teen Driving and Drivers Education in the 21st Century
  • Date:
    Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Teen Driving and Drivers Education in the 21st Century Webinar
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 

Join NCSL for an update on teen driving, graduated driver’s licenses and drivers’ education. Although traffic deaths have decreased for all age groups in recent years, car crashes are still the leading cause of death for teenagers, ages 15 -20. Concerns over the use of mobile devices while driving is also focusing attention on this issue. Graduated driver licensing (GDL) requires a gradual phase-in of driving privileges for novice drivers to help them safely gain experience behind the wheel. Most GDL laws have requirements regarding the age of drivers, passengers, and nighttime driving. GDL programs have also led to a renewed focus on driver education programs. The webinar will feature information and research about GDL laws and the role state legislatures have in developing driver education policies and programs. 

For more information on teen driving laws go to NCSL's Teen Driving Page


Justin McNaull, Director, AAA State Relations
Jim Wright, Highway Safety Specialist in Drivers Licensing and Driver Education, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Moderator:  Anne Teigen, Senior Policy Specialist, National Conference of State Legislatures

This webinar is brought to you through a cooperative agreement between the National Conference of State Legislatures and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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