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news2014 has been an active year for state-tribal legislation. So far, 38 states have introduced measures that could have an impact on Native American populations. The News and Updates page will periodically highlight various measures. Measures addressing mascots and derogatory names are highlighted in this edition of news and updates.




The National Caucus of Native American State Legislators (NCNASL) works to promote a better understanding of state-tribal issues among policymakers and the public at large.




words imageThere are many good reasons for states and tribes to strive for cooperation. States and tribes have far more in common than they have in conflict. Cooperation and mutual respect leads to positive results for both states and tribes.




dictionary Every year numerous bills are considered by state legislatures that can affect tribal communities.  These bills address a variety of issues including the environment, education, health care, taxes/revenue and education.  View introduced, pending and enacted legislation for the current legislative session here.




The National Conference of State Legislatures has a long history of work on state-tribal relations. Over the last few years, this work has evolved and expanded in scope. It has brought attention to the government-to-government relationship that exists between the tribes and the states and, at the personal level, highlights the unique leader-to-leader relationships that exist between tribal leaders and state legislators.

Tribal governments across the United States are exercising their self-governing powers and taking more control over program administration and the provision of services within their communities. As a result, there is an increasing need for state policymakers to learn to interact with tribes as sovereign governments, instead of viewing them as special interests or minority groups contained within a few states.


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