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What's New in Child Welfare?

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October 2014

Child Welfare is a critical state responsibility and includes protecting children from abuse and neglect, and ensuring that children have safe, stable and permanent living situations. States and the federal government spend about $29 billion every year on child welfare services. State legislators play a major role in funding, structuring and overseeing child welfare systems and enact more than 300 child welfare bills every year. NCSL tracks these issues in the following major categories: foster care, adoption, child abuse and neglect, kinship care, child welfare system, prevention, minority children and federal issues.

2013 Legislation

2012 Legislation

Mandatory Reporting

Title IV-E Child Welfare Waivers 2012-2014

Indian Child Welfare


Your Source for the Latest Compilations of Child Welfare State Legislative Enactments

Fostering Connections Act of 2008 Legislation

Foster Care, Kinship Care, Adoption and Permanency

Child and Family Services Reviews

*PLEASE NOTE: The National Conference of State Legislatures is an organization serving state legislators and their staff. We cannot offer legal advice or assistance with individual cases, but we do try to answer questions on general topics.

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Denver staff focuses on state policy, tracking legislation and providing research and policy analysis, consultation, and technical assistance specifically geared to the legislative audience.
NCSL's Washington, D.C. staff track and analyze federal legislation and policy for the full range of human services issues and represent state legislatures before Congress and the administration.

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