Child Support 101 Table of Contents

Child Support 101: Table of Contents


Child Support 101 is a compilation of online documents that explain the child support process and services. It is divided into three areas: child support basics, enforcement and family centered services. The first series, Child Support 101, offers information about child support administration and basics. The second series, Child Support 101.2, features a collection of documents explaining the many aspects of and options for enforcement of child support.

Child Support 101 Series

Child Support 101: State Functions

Child Support 101.2: Enforcement

About This NCSL Project

  • NCSL staff in D.C. and Denver can provide comprehensive, thorough, and timely information on critical child support policy issues. We provide services to legislators and staff working to improve state policies affecting children and their families. The Denver-based child support project staff focuses on state policy, tracking legislation and providing research and policy analysis, consultation, and technical assistance specifically geared to the legislative audience. Denver staff can be reached by email or at 303-364-7700. .
  • NCSL staff in Washington, D.C., track and analyze federal legislation and policy and represent state legislatures on child support issues before Congress and the administration. In D.C., Joy Johnson Wilson and Rachel Morgan can be reached at 202-624-5400.
  • The child support project and D.C. human services staff receive guidance and support from NCSL's Standing Committee on Health & Human Services.
  • For more information regarding NCSL's child support work, please visit our Child Support Homepage.
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