Opportunities and Obstacles in Rural Telehealth

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  • Title: Opportunities and Obstacles in Rural Telehealth
  • Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2013


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Opportunities and Obstacles in Rural Telehealth Webinar
Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The health care workforce in rural America is stretched to its limits. Compared to non-rural areas of the country, only about 11 percent of the nation’s physicians work in rural areas, despite nearly 20 percent of Americans living there. Moreover, physicians providing care in rural areas often serve large geographic areas that require long travel times. These areas may be substantially underserved by hospitals and other health care facilities.

States are increasingly turning to telehealth networks as a solution to this problem. Telehealth—or the use of technology to deliver health care, health information or health education at a distance—has emerged as a cost-effective, high quality alternative to traditional face-to-face appointments between provider and patient.

Forty-two states provide some form of Medicaid reimbursement for telehealth services, and 15 states require private insurance plans to cover them. In addition to patient care, telehealth technology is also used to further educate and increase the capacity of rural primary care providers by connecting them with specialists located in other cities or states.

This webinar will feature presentations from national telehealth experts who will discuss advances states have made in recent years to expand access to telehealth services in rural areas and what challenges still lie ahead for state policymakers.

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John D. Blum- John J. Waldron Research Professor, Loyola University Chicago- School of Law - "Powerpoint" (Adobe PDF logoPDF file-19 pages)

Mr. Blum is the John J. Waldron Research Professor of Law at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, and is a faculty member of the Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy, as well as an adjunct professor of medical humanities at Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine.  Professor Blum has taught at Loyola for 21 years in the area of health law; his research spans an array of topics from domestic to international health law.  He has written and spoken extensively on telemedicine issues, with a particular focus on credentialing, licensure and international e-health.  Blum is a graduate of Canisius College, the University of Notre Dame Law School, and the Harvard School of Public Health.
Christa Natoli- Associate Director, Center for Telehealth and e-Health Law - "Powerpoint" (Adobe PDF logoPDF file-22 pages)

Ms. Natoli serves as the Center for Telehealth and e-Health Law’s (CTeL) associate director and is responsible for developing CTeL’s strategic mission.  She is one of two senior staff that provides direct legal and regulatory expert research and consultation services to CTeL’s members.
Ms. Natoli has extensive policy experience and knowledge in the areas of physician and nurse licensure, Internet prescribing, e-consultations, Medicaid reimbursement, mHealth, and international telemedicine.  As CTeL’s associate director, Ms. Natoli has led research efforts on these topics, which resulted in the production of CTeL’s most coveted publications–the 50 State Internet Prescribing Report, the 50 State Medicaid Reimbursement Report, the 50 State Physician Licensure Report, and the International Telemedicine Report.   Ms. Natoli is also a published author and noted lecturer and speaker.
Tom Richards, MD/MS- CEO of Apollo Telemedicine, LLC and MobileHealthWare, LLC  - "Powerpoint" (Adobe PDF logoPDF file-15 pages)

Dr. Richards has over twenty years of primary care medicine experience in clinics, urgent cares, and emergency rooms in five states. He is currently consulting on two multimillion dollar telehealth grants. He is a frequent speaker on telehealth topics and is on the board of directors for the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center. He holds both an MD and a Master’s degree in Medical Informatics from the University of Utah.
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