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  • Making Fresh Food a SNAP (2009): Trends and Transitions article from NCSL's State Legislatures magazine looking at the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), changes to the program and its implementation.
  • Chronic Costs (2009): An article from NCSL's State Legislatures magazine addressing chronic diseases, their costs and what can be done about them.
  • Nutrition Rules (2008): An article from NCSL's State Legislatures magazine highlighting what state legislators are doing to help make healthy food choices available to school children.
  • What's For Lunch? When's Recess? (2005): An article from NCSL's State Legislatures magazine highlighting the measures being taken to reduce overweight and obesity in schools, including state action through legislation.
  • The High Cost of Obesity (2004): A StateStats article from NCSL's State Legislatures magazine briefly describing the obesity epidemic in the U.S., as well as estimated medical costs attributable to obesity and obesity trends among U.S. adults.


  • Growing Groceries in Food Deserts (April/May 2010): An NCSL Legisbrief examining food deserts.
  • Improving Child Nutrition (February 2010): Child nutrition today focuses on improving children's health by combating hunger, providing high-nutrition food in schools, and making healthy food more available in communities.
  • The Economic Benefits of Breastfeeding (January 2010): An NCSL Legisbrief looking at the economic benefits of breastfeeding and what is being done to promote it at the state and federal level.
  • State Farm-to-School Policies (August/September 2008): An NCSL Legisbrief highlighting farm-to-school policies throughout the states and their benefits.


Web Pages

      Includes state laws related to diabetes other than health coverage issues.


Other Resources

  • Q and A With Kevin Concannon (2010) - Listen to an audio of Undersecretary Kevin Concannon of the U.S. Department of Agriculture speaking about the need to reauthorize federal nutrition programs at NCSL's 2010 Legislative Summit. Prior to the session, he spoke with NCSL about the role state lawmakers can play.


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Recent News

Updated August 6, 2010

Governor Signs Bill to Improve Nutrition for Schoolchildren 

Senate Passes Bill to Make School Lunches Healthy 

Experts Want Unhealthy Food Taken Off Food Stamp Menu

Food, Fun — and Fat: how food is marketed, including the use if toys as lures

Legislature Passes Bill Targeting Childhood Obesity

Schools Plan to Serve Fresh Produce in Effort to Curb Childhood Obesity

House Bill Would Make School Lunches Healthier

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