Health Finance and Taxes

Health Finance and Taxes

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This report provides background and multiple resources on the $2.8 trillion world of U.S. health finance, including latest figures released in 2014 showing much slower annual escalation in costs in the past four years, most recently just 3.7 percent. Read about the latest expert sources here.





This report focuses on state health provider fees, taxes and assessments; also similar fees on insurers, most of which impact Medicaid funding.



The issue of who pays, and how care is financed is a nearly constant topic for state government.  Health programs consume between 20 percent and 30 percent of state budgets.  Legislators also seek to earmark funds for programs, and leverage federal dollars to support existing programs and new projects.   The Affordable Care Act brings additional options and requirements.  Read reports on federal matching funds (FMAP), health provider fees, and ways that states make budget decisions on health.

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  • State Actions to Address Health Insurance Exchanges

    Read this NCSL report for March 2015 information on state actions and responses to implement exchanges as outlined in the Affordable Care Act. This material includes links to activities, with 2015 deadlines and enrollment figures by state. It also includes state information about insurers and premiums.

  • Health Insurance Premiums and Premium Costs by State

    Actual health insurance premiums and rates presented nationally and by state for 2014 and 2015. Table includes historical trends and links to the best sources, including a Commonwealth Fund-designed interactive map.

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