Community Transformation Grants

Community Transformation Grants


Community Transformation Grants support and enable communities to identify and respond to their specific health problems. Funded by Congress, these grants provided 61 state and local government agencies, tribes and territories, and nonprofit organizations in 36 states with more than $103 million and seven national networks of community-based organizations with $4.2 million in fiscal year 2012. Over an expected five year period, grants will reach 1 in 3 (120 million) Americans. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services distributed these grants to:

  • Establish and implement approaches to reduce specific risk factors leading to death and disability;
  • Prevent and control costly chronic diseases (notably heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes); and
  • Narrow gaps in health across population groups.

Rural communities, which have higher rates of chronic disease, received 20 percent of the funds given for prevention efforts. All grant recipients will expand their capabilities, and establish and implement  programs to reduce chronic disease risk by:

  • Reducing tobacco use;
  • Promoting active living and healthy eating; and
  • Controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol with clinical and preventive services.

Implementation efforts may also focus on improving social and emotional wellness, such as mental health needs and access to services, and identifying and assessing healthy and safe physical environments.

Options for Policymakers
State legislators also play roles related to the goals of Community Transformation Grants. Numerous states have enacted policies regarding successful evidence-based preventive efforts to help achieve long-term health, such as:

  • Creating or evaluating worksite wellness and smoking cessation programs;
  • Implementing standards for nutrition and physical activity in schools;
  • Building infrastructure such as bike trails and sidewalks to encourage active living.

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Community Transformation Grant Awards

United States map of Community Transformation Grant Awards





Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011.

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