Affordable Care Act State Action Newsletter

Affordable Care Act: State Action Newsletter

The Affordable Care Act: State Action Newsletter highlights state actions (that the state is taking or will need to take) related to the federal Affordable Care Act of 2010, as enacted. The newsletter includes health reform implementation happenings in the states.  We recommend printing the PDF version.

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Inside this Issue: 

Newsletter 69. January 17, 2014 (Last Edition)


PDF Version  
  • Survey Of Potential Marketplace Enrollees
  • Coverage Gaps
  • Maryland’s Reformed All-Payer Rate-Setting Initiative
  • States in Dispute with Web Contractor
  • Risks or Rewards for Insurers in 2014
  • NCSL Exchange Actions Updated
  • Presentations from Task Force Meeting Available
  • Experiences from “Early Expander” States
  • Newsletter Ends, Email Round-up Begins
Newsletter 68. November 27, 2013 PDF Version  
  • Payment and Delivery ReformTop List for Medicaid Directors
  • Wisconsin BadgerCare and the Federal Health Marketplace
  • Ohio Medicaid Expansion Decision Challenged
  • Alaska Governor Will Not Pursue Medicaid Expansion
  • Utah Task Force Narrows Down Medicaid Expansion Options
  • Some Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Policies in Doubt?
  • Exchange Enrollment by the Numbers
Newsletter 67. November 15, 2013 PDF Version  
  • Policy Cancelations Lead to Options for Fix for 2014
  • Funding to Support New Primary Care Sites Announced
  • Wyoming Joint Committee considers Medicaid Expansion Options
  • Report Estimates Number Eligible for Premium Tax Credits
  • Will E-Health Lessen the Impact of the Primary Care Shortage?
  • Marketplace Enrollment Figures show State Strength
  • National Rural Health Day
  • Health Reform Task Force Meeting at NCSL’s Fall Forum
Newsletter 66. November 1, 2013 PDF Version  
  • Projected Surge in Medicaid Spending, Enrollment
  • Individual Mandate Penalty Guidance
  • Debate Over State Medicaid Expansion Continues
  • Federal Courts Could Rule on Exchange Subsidies in 34 States
  • Medicaid High Utilizers
  • State Exchange Experiences Remain Mixed for 1st Month
  • New Publication Provides Overview on Six Health Issues
  • NCSL’s New 50-State Table
Newsletter 65. October 18, 2013 PDF Version  
  • Health Insurance Marketplaces: Open for Business
  • When Drugs are an Essential Benefit
  • Are Physicians Preparing for the Exchanges?
  • ACA Expands Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder Benefits
  • NCSL Health Webinars
  • Federal Marketplace: By-The-Numbers
  • Health Reform Task Force Meets at Fall Forum in D.C.
Newsletter 64. October 4, 2013 PDF Version  
  • Exchanges Open for Business
  • Michigan Adopts Law to Expand Medicaid
  • Feds Release Report on Premium Rates
  • CMS Approval of Arkansas’ Waiver Gives Hope to Other States
  • Proposed Rule for Basic Health Program
  • State Rate Review Efforts Boosted, Disclosed
Newsletter 63. September 6, 2013 PDF Version  
  • Exchange Call Centers and Physical Storefronts Opening
  • IRS Finalizes ‘Individual Responsibility’ Penalty
  • Healthy Indiana Plan Extension
  • Final Exchange Rule Released
  • How Spouses Get Health Coverage
  • New Report Compares Exchange Premiums in 17 States
Newsletter 62. August 23, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • As Enrollment Nears, Colorado Releases Exchange Rates
  • Medicaid Eligibility Roll Backs
  • States Gear Up for Exchange Open Enrollment
  • Delaware Looks to Introduce ACO Model
  • Kaiser Report Details Extent of Federal Insurance Subsidy
  • ACA and Taming Health Costs
  • Community Residencies Suggested to Ease Provider Shortage
Newsletter 61. August 9, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • Wyoming and New Jersey Study Federally Facilitated Exchanges
  • California Enacts Legislation to Address Churn
  • Maryland Exchange Rates Some of the Lowest in the U.S.
  • NCSL’s Health Reform Resources from Legislative Summit
  • 2013 State Reports and Research on the ACA
Newsletter 60. July 26, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • llinois to Expand Medicaid
  • Exchange Insurance Rates Varyby State
  • Mississippi Update
  • Expanded Training forCommunity-Based Medical Residents
  • Oregon‟s Innovation Initiative
  • NCSLHealth Summit
  • NCSL Rural Health Preconference
  • 2013 Legislative Summit Health Highlights
Newsletter 59. July 12, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • Employer Reporting and Coverage Penalties Postponed
  • 17 States Transition to a Federally Run Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan
  • Vermont Exchange Board Approves Rates
  • Some Mississippians May Not Be Offered Health Insurance in the Federal Marketplace
  • More Federal News and Action
  • Affordable Care Act and Minority Health Webinar
Newsletter 58. June 28, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • Medicaid Expansion: Where States Stand Today
  • NCSL Health Summit in Atlanta
  • Millions Will Receive Insurance Rebates in Mid-2013
  • Feds Release New Rule for Employer Wellness Programs
  • Toolkit for New Jersey ACOs Released
  • Silver State Exchange Sends Report to Legislature
Newsletter 57. June 14, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • Iowa Pursues Medicaid Expansion Alternatives through Premium Assistance
  • States Take Action in the Fight Against Fraud
  • Maine Receives Model Testing Grant from CMS
  • Electronic Health Record Adoption Increasing, But Slowly
  • Limited Health Expansion in Wisconsin had Health Impacts, Study Finds
  • Rural Health Preconference and Health Summit at NCSL’s 2013 Legislative Summit
Newsletter 56. May 31, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • Idaho & New Mexico Ask for Assistance with State Exchange Start-Up
  • Kentucky, Like Many States, Lacks Primary Care Physicians
  • States See Initial Exchange Rates
  • Medicaid Enrollment Options Expanded in New Policy
  • Medicaid Pay Raise for Doctors Slow to Implement
  • Seven States Enact Navigator Laws in 2013
Newsletter 55. May 17, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • Utah Receives CMS Support for Small Business Health Option Program (SHOP)
  • New Funding for Community Health Center Outreach and Enrollment
  • Proposed Rule on Disproportionate Share Funds
  • HHS Announces More Innovation Grants
  • Mississippi Medicaid
  • Rate Review and Price Transparency
  • Two NCSL Health Webinars Next Week
Newsletter 54. April 19, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • New Mexico Legislature and Governor Sign Off on State Exchange
  • Arkansas Legislature Approves Medicaid Alternative Bill
  • Another Medicaid Expansion Alternative Emerges in Florida
  • Vermonters See Exchange Prices
  • Minnesota’s Health Care Innovation Plan
  • HHS Announces Navigator Grants
  • Essential Community Providers in the Exchange
Newsletter 53. April 5, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • Ohio Considers Market-Based Medicaid Expansion; HHS Issues Guidance
  • Action on Indiana’s Medicaid Expansion Proposal
  • Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Delayed Until 2015
  • Studies Project Some Premiums Will Go Up, Some Down
  • LegisBrief Highlights Oral Health Workforce
  • NCSL’s Task Force Meets May 4
  • HHS Issues Rule for Newly Eligibles
Newsletter 52. March 22, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • Minnesota  Enacts Health Insurance Exchange Law
  • Medicaid Expansion Stalls in Legislatures Despite Governors’ Support
  • Colorado Sets Exchange Fees 
  • Without Medicaid Expansion, Employers Face Decisions and Penalties
  • Oregon’s Health Care Innovation Plan
  • NCSL Health Reform Task Force Meets May 4
Newsletter 51. March 8, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • Arkansas Considers Innovative Approach to Medicaid Expansion
  • “Integrated Care with Financial Incentives” Could Save California Billions
  • Navigating the Health Insurance Exchanges
  • Rule Released for the Insurance Market
  • Four States Receive Partnership Exchange Approval
  • CMS Sends Letter to Insurance Companies on Federal and Partnership Exchange
  • Webinar: States Help Veterans Access Health Benefits and Save Money, Too
Newsletter 50. February 22, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • States Prepare for System Innovations
  • HHS Delays Basic Health Program
  • Upcoming Webinars: March 6 and March 8
  • A State, Federal or Partner Exchange? That is No Longer the Question
  • Tennessee and Hawaii Opt-Out of Program for Dually-Eligible People
  • "Sunshine Rule" Brings Disclosure by Drug Manufacturers
Newsletter 49. February 8, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • State Legislatures Debate Medicaid Expansion
  • NCSL’s Federal Health Reform: State Legislative Tracking Database
  • Individual Mandate Requirements Spelled Out
  • Federal Agencies Answer More PPACA Questions
  • NCSL Health Reform/Medicaid Webinars Archive Now Available
  • Oral health and prevention
  • NCSL’s Scope of Practice Legislative Tracking Database
  • New Privacy Rules Apply to PPACA
Newsletter 48. January 11, 2013 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • Guidance from Feds on New Method for Determining Medicaid and CHIP Eligibility
  • Larger Employers Mandated to Offer Health Coverage
  • Save the Date: Upcoming Webinars
  • States Get Health Exchange Green Light and Partnership Guidance from HHS
Newsletter 47. December 14, 2012 PDF Version  HTML Version
  •     Feds to States: No Option for Partial Medicaid Expansion and More
  •     HHS Approves Exchanges in Six States; New Jersey Gov. Christie Vetoes State-Exchange Bill
  •     PPACA Taxes Effective in January
  •     New Report Offers To-Do List for States Hoping to Partner on Exchanges
  •     Medicare “donut hole” discounts go up in 2013
Newsletter 46. November 30, 2012 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • HHS Releases Proposed Rules for PPACA Implementation
  • HHS Extends Deadline for States to Decide on State Exchanges
  • New Report: State-by-State Cost Calculations for Medicaid Expansion
  • NCSL Webinar on Fiscal Implications of the Medicaid Expansion
  • Experts Speak on Health Reform at Fall Forum
Newsletter 45. November 9, 2012 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • Breaking News: Exchange Deadline Extended
  • Election Wrap-Up
  • Voters in 5 States say Yes or No on PPACA Roles
  • Alabama Conducts Wholesale Review of Medicaid, Expects to Make New Policy
  • Medicaid Pay Raise for Primary Care Docs
  • Update on Maine's Deadlock with Feds Over Medicaid Cuts
  • Washington Reveals Branding for Health Insurance Exchange
  • State Medicaid Integration Tracker Resource Now Available
Newsletter 44. October 26, 2012 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • California Eliminates Children’s Health Program
  • New Jersey Health Insurance Exchange Update
  • Maine Sues Feds to Drop Medicaid Beneficiaries
  • High “Cadillac Tax” Burden in Bay State
  • Report Assesses Selling Insurance Across State Lines
  • New Medicaid Budget Report
  • Brief Says Pay-for-Performance a Mixed Bag
  • NCSL Launches New Health Reform Web Resource
Newsletter 43. October 12, 2012 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • 24 States Select or Recommend an Essential Health Benefit Package
  • Arkansas Rolls Out New Payment System
  • Tools for Calculating the Medicaid Expansion’s Fiscal Impact
  • Simulation Study Predicts Quality Improvement with Medicare ACOs, Less Cost Control
  • Will Legal Challenges Continue for Health Reform Law?
  • States Use the Ballot to Challenge PPACA
  • The Medical Home Model of Care: Reducing Costs and Improving Quality
Newsletter 42. September 28, 2012 PDF Version HTML Version
  • Legislators Get Health Reform Briefings
  • Premium Rate Reviews Save Consumers $1B
  • Oklahoma Suit Addresses Insurance Exchange Tax Credits
  • CBO Updates Penalty Tax Estimates
  • New Analysis on Health Care Cost Drivers Available

Newsletter 41. September 14, 2012

PDF Version HTML Version
  • States Grapple with Approaching Essential Health Benefit Deadline
  • Co-Op Insurance Plans Underway in 20 States
  • CMS Awards Demonstrations to States for Dual-Eligibles
  • Update on Massachusetts Cost Control Efforts
Newsletter 40. August 31, 2012 PDF Version HTML Version
  • Medicaid Expansion: State News
  • HHS Awards Another Round of Exchange Grants
  • State Budgets More Stable, Still Face Challenges
  • What’s in a Name? Maryland Brands its Exchange
  • Primary Care Practices Chosen for Historic Public-Private Partnership

Newsletter 39. August 17, 2012

PDF Version HTML Version
  • Medicaid Expansion ‘Voluntary’
  • Analysis Concludes Proposed California Basic Health Program Would Increase Coverage
  • CDC Obesity Data: Colorado Thinnest, Mississippi Most Obese
  • Health Reform Act Increases Insurance Coverage for Young Adults says New Report
  • Medicaid a Major Topic at the NCSL Legislative Summit
  • Health Care Law after the Court Decision: What is Next?
  • Colorado CO-OP  Receives $69 Million Loan From Health and Human Services

Newsletter 38. July 27, 2012

PDF Version HTML Version
  • Health Experts Speaking at NCSL Legislative Summit
  • After Supreme Court Ruling, States Say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ to State Health Insurance Exchanges
  • CBO Releases Updated Estimates of Coverage Provisions in PPACA
  • Steps toward Essential Health Benefits
  • State Officials Seek Clarification on Supreme Court Ruling
  • HHS Announces New Initiative for States

Newsletter 37. July 13, 2012

PDF Version HTML Version
  • Secretary Sebelius Sends Letter to States
  • Ballot Language Showdown in the Show-Me-State
  • Upcoming Webinar—Social Determinants of Health: Reforming the Health System to Work Smarter, Not Harder, to Eliminate Health Disparities
  • A Safety-Net Concern
  • Health Insurance Rebates to Arrive by August 1 (50 State Table Included)

Newsletter 36. June 29, 2012

 PDF Version  HTML Version
  • Informational Conference Call Today for Members
  • Supreme Court Rules on the PPACA
  • Grants for Community Health Centers Awarded to 41 States
  • New Hampshire Will Not Create a State Exchange

Newsletter 35. June 15, 2012

PDF Version   HTML Version
  • Supreme Court Ruling—Informational Conference Call for Members
  • Upcoming NCSL Meetings
  • California Selects Vendor to Build IT System for Exchange
  • Kentucky Governor Considers Exchange Options
  • Some Insurers Plan to Keep Selected PPACA Provisions
  • Study Shows Cost Savings in Treating Seniors at Home

Newsletter 34. June 1, 2012

PDF Version  HTML Version
  • Vermont Outlines Details for its Exchange in Law
  • Massachusetts Tries Reform with Cost Controls
  • Study Looks at PPACA’s Potential Effect on the California Economy
  • Workplace Wellness Programs
  • Colorado’s Medicaid Expansion – Slower than Expected
  • New Mexico Executive Branch Selects Vendor to Build Exchange
  • HHS Announces New Funds for States

Newsletter 33. May 18, 2012

PDF Version HTML Version
  • A Boost in Pay for Medicaid Primary Care Physicians
  • HHS Announces New Guidance and Awards Additional Grants to States
  • Report Explores the Needs of Medicaid’s Soon-to-be-Eligible Population 
  • State Health Insurance Exchange Update

Newsletter 32. May 4, 2012

PDF Version HTML Version
  • HHS Announces $728 million in PPACA grants to Community Health Centers
  • $1.3 Billion in Medical Loss Ratio Rebates
  • Covering Children in Nontraditional Families
  • Louisiana makes first “meaningful use” incentive payment
  • Costs of Massachusetts Reform Law
  • New Hampshire Reviews Premiums
  • Legislatures Restrict Executive Branch Action

Newsletter 31. April 19, 2012

 PDF Version HTML Version
  • Executive Order Creates Exchange in New York
  • Dental Insurance Coverage for Kids Increases
  • Six States Approve Health Compacts
  • States Receive Grants to Support Children and Families
  • Massachusetts’ Legal Immigrants Gain Health Insurance Coverage
  • ICD-10 Conversion Deadline Pushed Back
  • Medicaid Cost Containment Webinar Tomorrow, April 20, at 2 p.m. ET

Newsletter 30. April 5, 2012

 PDF Version HTML Version
  • Containing Medicaid Costs:  Moving Toward Managed Care—Webinar—April 20, Friday at 2 p.m. ET
  • Study Looks at ER Use Under PPACA
  • States Consider Funding Options for Exchanges
  • New Federal Loans for Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans
  • South Carolina Addresses Medicaid Efficiency
  • Six Hours at the Supreme Court
  • States Tackle Essential Health Benefits

Newsletter 29. March 23, 2012

PDF Version  HTML Version
  • States Are Considering Basic Health Programs
  • Webinar—The Affordable Care Act and Community Health Centers—April 5, Thursday, 3p.m. ET
  • The Texas Approach to Fighting Medicaid Fraud and Abuse
  • PREP Grants Available Soon
  • Exchange Update: New Jersey passes bill; HHS releases final rule
  • Maryland Expands High-Risk Efforts

Newsletter 28. March 9, 2012

PDF Version

 HTML Version

  • Connecticut Considers an All-Payer Claims Database
  • Health Benefit Exchange Update
  • Supreme Court to Hear Challenge and Defense Arguments March 26-28
  • Prevention and Public Health Fund Update
  • Lifetime Limits on Insurance: An Update
  • Containing Medicaid Costs Webinar—March 19, 2012

Newsletter 27. February 23, 2012

 PDF Version

HTML Version

  • Coverage Expansions Under the ACA
  • Final Two States Receive MLR Notification
  • States Receive Additional Funding for Exchanges
  • Preventive Services Expanded Under Private Health Plans
  • State Contraceptive Coverage

Newsletter 26. February 9, 2012

  PDF Version

HTML Version

  • 2012 Exchange Update
  • Medicaid Fast Facts
  • California Addresses Essential Health Benefits
  • 2012 Health Insurance Reform: State Update
  • ACA and Small Businesses
  • Hot Topics Webinar Series—Health Webinar, Feb. 10, 2012
  • 2012 State Legislative Tracking Database Now Available

Newsletter 25. January 27, 2012


PDF Version

HTML Version

  • New Report on State Progress Establishing Exchanges
  • Wisconsin Returns Federal Funds
  • Rate Review Deems Insurance Premium Increases Unreasonable
  • Massachusetts Health Reform: Results
  • Legislators’ Top Health Reform Priorities
  • Colorado House Seeks U.S. Convention to Repeal ACA
  • Oregon Releases Exchange Plan
  • State Medicaid Survey

Newsletter 24. January 13, 2012

PDF Version

HTML Version

  • 2012 State Legislative Tracking Database
  • High Risk Pools: State Growth and Spending
  • New Reports and Research Released
  • Kansas and Oklahoma Denied “Medical Loss Ratio” Waivers

Newsletter 23. December 16, 2011


PDF Version

HTML Version

  • Breaking News: HHS Announces Guidance to States on Essential Health Benefits
  • Study Looks at Colorado Post ACA Workforce
  • New Reports Detail Health of States
  • Update on NCSL’s Health Reform Task Force
  • States Receive Additional Funding for Exchanges
  • State Contracts for Dual Eligibles
  • Three States Denied MLR Waivers

Newsletter 22. November 18, 2011


PDF Version

HTML Version
  • Minnesota Convenes Exchange Advisory Task Force
  • How Does the ACA Affect Rural America?
  • Georgia Medical Loss Ratio
  • Medicaid Directors Publish New Report
  • Update on States Challenging Federal Health Reform

Newsletter 21. November 4, 2011


PDF Version

HTML Version
  • States Feel the Medicaid Pinch
  • NCSL Health Reform Task Force Meets Nov. 30
  • Missouri Authorizes Health Homes
  • Oklahoma "Joint Legislative Committee on the Federal Health Care Law" Continue Meeting

Newsletter 20. October 21, 2011


PDF Version

HTML Version
  • State Actions on Health Insurance Exchanges
  • States Create HIT Incentives
  • Massachusetts Considers “Global Payments” to Reduce Costs
  • Building Small Business Health Insurance Options

Newsletter 19. October 7, 2011

PDF Version

HTML Version
  • Breaking News –IOM Releases Guidance on Essential Health Benefits
  • Vermont Implements State Reform
  • Home Visiting Grants Awarded
  • Challenges to ACA Move Closer to U.S. Supreme Court
  • ACA Funds Support Childhood Obesity Demonstration Project

Newsletter 18. September 23, 2011

PDF Version

HTML Version
  • Exchange Boards at Work
  • HHS Awards $109 Million in Rate Review Grants
  • HHS Provides Additional Guidance on Exchange State-Federal Partnerships
  • ACA Grants for Organizations to Become Community Health Centers
  • Delaware Medical Loss Ratio Request Denied
  • Medicare Enrollees Save $461 million on Prescription Drugs

Newsletter 17. September 9, 2011

PDF Version

HTML Version
  • 44 States Reviewing Health Insurance Rates; Small Business and Individuals Included This Fall
  • Breaking News
  • SC Governor Not Applying for Exchange Funds
  • State Variations on Medicaid Spending
  • Colorado to Scale Back Medicaid Eligibility Expansion
  • Grants to Strengthen Public Health Programs, Infrastructure and Workforce
  • Republican Governors Propose Changes to Medicaid
  • Summary of Enacted Exchanges (2010-2011)

Newsletter 16. August 26, 2011

PDF Version

HTML Version
  • Legislators and Staff Talk Health Reform in San Antonio
  • State Efforts to Enroll Eligible Children in Medicaid and CHIP
  • Kansas Returns $31 Million Early Innovator Grant
  • Federal Funding for States to Continue Building Exchanges
  • Appeals Court in Georgia Rejects Individual Mandate
  • Study Details 15 State Plans for Dual Eligibles
Newsletter 15. July 29, 2011, Revised August 2, 2011

PDF Version

HTML Version
  • School Based Health Centers Receive Support from ACA Grants
  • Colorado Study Shows Benefit of Community Health Centers for Medicaid Patients
  • IOM Releases Recommendations for Preventive Services for Women
  • North Dakota Denied Request for Medical Loss Ratio Variation
  • Governors Move Forward with Implementation, Despite Opposition
  • Ohio Ballot Measure Update
  • NCSL’s 2011 Annual Legislative Summit in San Antonio
Newsletter 14. July 15, 2011

PDF Version

HTML Version
  • 2012 Ballot Measures: Let Voters Decide?
  • State Variations on Medicaid Spending
  • Washington State Legislature Unanimously Passes Medicaid Waiver Bill
  • New Study Shows Effects of Medicaid Enrollment
  • Conflict Between City and State Over ACA Grants in Wisconsin
  • As Proposed ACO Regulations Draw Provider Ire, CMS Releases Pioneer ACO Model
Newsletter 13. July 1, 2011

PDF Version

HTML Version
  • New Tool Shows State Progress and Problems
  • Mississippi Uses Existing Entity to Establish Health Insurance Exchange
  • Massachusetts’ “Second Phase of Health Reform”
  • CMS Postpones Regulations as States Move on “Health Homes”
  • Circuit Court Upholds Affordable Care Act
  • Register for NCSL’s 2011 Legislative Summit in San Antonio
Newsletter 12. June 17, 2011

PDF Version

HTML Version
  • Twenty-Six State AGs Seek Appeals Court Ruling
  • Insurance Rate Reviews
  • Republican Governors Outline Medicaid Reform Principles
  • Texas House Passes Medicaid Waiver Bill
  • Connecticut Moves Forward with Long-Term Care Funding Options
  • Private Foundations Ease Cost of Implementation

Newsletter 11. June  3, 2011

PDF Version

HTML Version
  • Vermont’s Single Payer Becomes Law
  •  Lower Premiums and Simpler Rules for High Risk Insurance
  • Maryland Governor Appoints Exchange Board
  • Some States Pursue Health Compact
  • Three States Receive Exchange Establishment Grants
  • States Preparing for 2014 Medicaid Expansion

Newsletter 10. May 20, 2011

PDF Version

HTML Version
  • North Dakota and Virginia Intend to Establish Health Insurance Exchanges
  • States to Address “Dual Eligibles”
  • North Carolina Addresses Safety Net in Health Reform Workgroup
  • New York Releases Report on Coordinating Medicaid and Exchanges
  • New Jersey Governor Looks at Cutting Medicaid to Contain Costs

Newsletter 9. May 6, 2011

PDF Version

HTML Version
  • Vermont Moves Closer to Universal Health Care
  • Increasing Managed Care in Medicaid: A Complex Discussion
  • Five State Legislatures Pass Exchange Bills – Waiting for Action from the Governor
  • Partnership Aims to Curtail Health Care-Acquired Conditions
  • Federal Government Awards “Money Follows the Person” Grants

Newsletter 8. April 22, 2011

PDF Version

HTML Version
  • States Establish Health Insurance Exchanges
  • Oklahoma Returns Federal Grant
  • States Crack Down on Medicaid Fraud and Abuse
  • Selling Health Insurance Across State Lines
  • Arizona Governor Releases Revised Medicaid Waiver Proposal
  • Database Tracks Workforce Legislation in the States

Newsletter 7. April 8, 2011

 PDF Version

HTML Version
  • Universal and Unified Health System in Vermont
  • NCSL “States Implement Health Reform” Briefs
  • Minnesota’s Managed Care Contracts
  • Legislative Update: 2011 Enacted Bills
  • More States Request Medical Loss Ratio Waivers
  • GAO Releases New Report
  • Child-Only Policies Become a “Thing of the Past” in Some States

Newsletter 6. March 25, 2011

 PDF Version

 HTML Version
  • State Policymakers want More Medicaid Flexibility
  • State Legislatures Respond to Health Reform Requirements
  • Kansas Requests MOE Waiver
  • State Legislation Challenges ACA
  • Indiana Establishes their Exchange through E.O.
  • Maryland's Small Business Tax Credit Advertising Campaign
  • Louisiana Secretary Announces Decision to Opt-Out of State Insurance Exchange
Newsletter 5. March 11, 2011

PDF Version

 HTML Version

  • States Continue with Legislative Action to Establish Exchanges
  • Maine Receives Waiver for Medical Loss Ratio Requirement
  • Upcoming Webinar on Oral Health
  • Electronic Health Information Exchange Development
  • New Report Estimates the Effect of the ACA on States
  • Alaska to Implement ACA

Newsletter 4. March 3, 2011

PDF Version

 HTML Version

  • $100 Million in Medicaid Grants to States to Prevent Disease
  • Support Growing for State Innovation Waivers
  • States Awarded Federal Grants Through the ACA
  • State Health Insurance Mandates and the ACA
  • CMS Releases MOE Provisions to States
  • Student Health Plans
  • To Comply with Consumer Protection in Affordable Care Act
  • Pennsylvania Cuts Insurance Program Due to Budget Woes

Newsletter 3. February 25, 2011

PDF Version

 HTML Version

  • Feds Approve Minnesota’s “Early Expansion” of Medicaid
  • States Return Federal Grants After Florida Judge Ruling
  • “Early Innovator” States Chosen
  • CMS Releases Proposed Rules for Health Care-Acquired Conditions
  • HHS Responds to Request for Flexibility from the States
  • Some State Get Waivers Allowing Insurance Benefit Limits

Newsletter 2. February 17, 2011

PDF Version

 HTML Version

  • President Obama Reveals FY2012 Budget
  • State Entities Working on Implementation of the ACA
  • Final Home Visiting Funding Opportunity Announcement
  • Initiative to Curb Health Care Acquired Conditions
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) Intend to Improve Quality and Savings
  • HHS Announces Public Health Funding
  • Feds Give Arizona Some Relief for Medicaid Enrollment

Newsletter 1. February 9, 2011

PDF Version

 HTML Version

  • Court Rulings Differ on the Affordable Care Act
  • Arizona Requests Medicaid Waiver
  • Bills to Create Exchanges Filed in at Least 21 States
  • Model Legislation for Creating Health Insurance Exchanges
  • NCSL Launches Health Reform Task Force
  • Governors Want Flexibility for Health Insurance Exchanges



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