State Legislative Fiscal Offices Sites

State Legislative Fiscal Offices Sites

Legislative Fiscal Office Sites (43 states, 67 sites)

The following list provides links to the Web sites of 67 legislative fiscal offices that currently maintain one:

Alabama Legislative Fiscal Office

Alaska Legislative Finance Division

Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee

Arkansas Legislative Fiscal Research Division

California Legislative Analyst's Office

Colorado Joint Budget Committee

Colorado Legislative Council

Connecticut Office of Fiscal Analysis

Delaware Office of the Controller General

Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research

Florida Joint Legislative Budget Commission

Georgia House of Representatives Budget Office

Georgia Senate Budget and Evaluation Office

Idaho Office of Budget & Policy Analysis

Illinois Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (formerly Illinois Economic & Fiscal Commission)

Iowa Legislative Fiscal Bureau

Kansas Legislative Research Department

Kentucky Legislative Research Commission

Louisiana House Fiscal Division

Louisiana Legislative Fiscal Office

Louisiana Senate Fiscal Services Office

Maine Office of Fiscal and Program Review

Maryland Department of Legislative Services

Massachusetts House Committee on Ways and Means

Massachusetts Senate Committe on Ways and Means

Massachusetts Joint Committee on Revenue

Michigan House Fiscal Agency

Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency

Minnesota House Fiscal Analysis Department

Minnesota House Research Department

Minnesota Senate Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis

Mississippi Joint Legislative Budget Office

Montana Legislative Fiscal Division

Nebraska Legislative Fiscal Office

Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau, Fiscal Analysis Division

New Hampshire Office of Legislative Budget Assistant

New Jersey Legislative Budget and Finance Office


New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee

North Carolina Fiscal Research Division

North Dakota Legislative Branch

Ohio Legislative Service Commission

Oklahoma House of Representatives Fiscal Division

Oklahoma Senate Fiscal Staff

Oregon Legislative Fiscal Office

Oregon Legislative Revenue Office

Pennsylvania House Republican Committee on Appropriations

Pennsylvania House Democratic Committee on Appropriations

Pennsylvania Legislative Budget and Finance Committee

Pennsylvania House Finance Committee

Pennsylvania Senate Appropriations Committee

Pennsylvania Senate Republicans Appropriations Committee

Pennsylvania Senate Republican Finance Committee

Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office

Rhode Island House Fiscal Advisory Staff

Rhode Island Senate Fiscal Office

South Dakota Legislative Research Council

Tennessee Office of Legislative Budget Analysis

Texas Legislative Budget Board

Utah Legislative Fiscal Analyst Office

Vermont Joint Fiscal Office

Virginia Senate Finance Committee

Virginia House Appropriations Committee

Virginia Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

Washington House General Government Appropriations & Oversight Committee

Washington House Appropriations Committee

Washington House Transportation Committee

Washington Senate Transportation Committee

Washington Senate Ways and Means Committee

Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau

Wyoming Legislative Service Office

Updated April 1, 2014


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