FY 2014 Budget Status

Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Status

Forty-six states begin fiscal year (FY) 2014 on July 1, 2013. As of June 30, 45 states have enacted budgets for FY 2014 (including 3 states that enacted biennial budgets during 2012 legislative sessions).  Legislatures in some states have passed budget bills that are awaiting the governor's signature. Lawmakers in at least five states have needed to extend their session or meet in special session to deliberate further on the budget.


FY 2014 Budget Enacted

Session Extended or Special Session called to Deal with the
FY 2014 Budget

Budget Not Enacted by the Start of FY 2014

Alabama (A) X    
Alaska (A) X    
Arizona (A) X X  
Arkansas  (A) X    
California  (A) X    
Colorado (A) X    
Connecticut (B) X    
Delaware (A) X    
Florida (A) X    
Georgia (A) X    
Hawaii (B) X    
Idaho (A) X X  
Illinois (A)      
Indiana (B) X    
Iowa (A) X X  
Kansas (A) X    
Kentucky (B) X*    
Louisiana (A) X    
Maine (B) X    
Maryland (A) X    
Massachusetts (A)      
Michigan (A) X    
Minnesota (B) X    
Mississippi (A) X    
Missouri  (A) X    
Montana (B) X    
Nebraska (B) X    
Nevada (B) X    
New Hampshire (B) X    
New Jersey (A) X    
New Mexico (A) X    
New York (A) X    
North Carolina (B)      
North Dakota (B) X    
Ohio (B) X    
Oklahoma (A) X    
Oregon (B)      
Pennsylvania (A) X    
Rhode Island (A)      
South Carolina (A) X    
South Dakota (A) X    
Tennessee (A) X    
Texas (B) X    
Utah (A) X    
Vermont (A) X    
Virginia (B) X*    
Washington (B) X X  
West Virginia (A) X X  
Wisconsin (B) X    
Wyoming (B) X*    
Totals 45 5 0
Key: (A) = annual budget; (B) = biennial budget; (*) biennial budget passed during 2012 legislative session.
Source: NCSL and state legislative and executive websites.
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