Links to States Online Ethics Training Programs

Ethics: Links to States' Online Ethics Training Programs, Training Manuals, and Slide Presentations

Updated November, 2011

This page contains links to online interactive ethics training programs, in addition to training manuals and slide presentations that are posted online. The training modules for some states and the United States Government allow users to earn credit for their mandatory training requirement or self-certify their results.

NOTE: NCSL provides links to other Web sites from time to time for information purposes only. Providing these links does not necessarily indicate NCSL's support or endorsement of the site.

 State  Link
 Alaska (not accessible to general public)

The Alaska Public Offices Commission provides ethics training. Ethics training is mandatory for lobbyists and employers of lobbyists. Online is an option.
This information is unavailable, due to a website redesign.

The Alaska Select Committee on Legislative Ethics provides the mandatory ethics training for legislators and legislative employees. Online training consists of video and slide presentation (login required).


The California Attorney General's Office and Fair Political Practices Commission developed an interactive online ethics course and a non-interactive course, which is a text-only version of the online ethics course. Ethics training is mandatory and state officials must complete an ethics course within six months of hiring & every two years thereafter. 


The Office of Legislative Legal Services offers an on-line ethics tutorial for the Colorado General Assembly. 


The Connecticut Office of State Ethics offers in-person training for public officials, state employees, lobbyists and state contractors.  Online training is available for public officials and state employees. 

 Florida (not accessible to general public) The Florida Institute on Government at Florida State University offers online ethics training for state employees and public officials, for a fee.
 Illinois (not accessible to general public)

The Office of the Executive Inspector General provides online ethics training for state employees. The General Assembly provides a link to online training for legislators and legislative staff.

 Indiana (not accessible to general public) The Indiana Office of Inspector General provides mandatory ethics training for all state officers, employees and special state appointees and offers several online resources, including a training module, PowerPoint, and troubleshooting guides.

The Massachusetts State Ethics Commission offers online training for state officials. Additionally, the Commission has education and training resources available online.


The Mississippi Ethics Commission provides mandatory ethics training for all elected and appointed officials, and employees of all levels of government. The Commission posts the slides from its seminars online.

 Nevada The Nevada Commission on Ethics provides ethics training. The Commission posts its slide presentations online.

 New Jersey

The New Jersey Legislature provides mandatory training for legislators and legislative employees. In addition to in-person training, legislators and legislative employees are required to take the online ethics tutorial no later than April 1 of every even-numbered year. The State of New Jersey State Ethics Commission provides ethics training. Training is mandatory for state employees and special state officers. Online training is an option.

 New York

The newly created Joint Commission on Public Ethics, which will be operational in mid-December 2011, is tasked with providing ethics training. It is anticipated that the Commission will offer both live, instructor-led training and computer-based training through NYS-LearnTM. Click here for more information.

 North Carolina

The North Carolina State Ethics Commission provides ethics training. The Commission posts online modules on its website.


The Oklahoma Ethics Commission posts its ethics manual for state officials and state employees online. 


The Oregon Government Ethics Commission posts its ethics manual online.


The Tennessee Ethics Commission posts its publication Guiding Principles of Ethical Conduct for Public Officials online. 


The Texas Ethics Commission offers ethics training for state officers and executive branch employees, and the legislature and legislative employees.  Online training, in both presentation and quiz form, is available for both the executive and legislative branch.


The Washington State Legislative Ethics Board posts its ethics manual online.

 West Virginia

The West Virginia Ethics Commission offers online training for lobbyists. The Commission posts an online guide for public officials and employees as well as several other booklets and guidesheets.


The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board offers an online tutorial for lobbyists and an online tutorial for public officials. Both are PowerPoint presentations.

Federal Online Ethics Training
U.S. Office of Government Ethics Training Module for Special Government Employees
U.S. Department of Agriculture Training Module
U.S. Department of Defense Training Module
U.S. Department of Interior Training Module


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