Environmental Health Legislation Database

Environmental Health Legislation Database

The National Conference of State Legislatures tracks legislation that has been introduced, adopted and enacted relating to environmental health from the fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. territories. Environmental health legislation addresses environmental factors that may adversely impact human health or the ecological balances essential to long-term human health and environmental quality, whether in the natural or man-made environment. The Environmental Health Legislation database is grouped into 12 topics:

  • Asthma
  • Body Art/Tattoo
  • Children's Environmental Health
  • Drinking Water
  • Food Safety
  • Indoor Air Quality (includes mold and radon)
  • Pesticides (includes mosquito control)
  • Swimming Pools
  • Toxics and Chemicals (includes asbestos, lead, and mercury)
  • Tracking, Surveillance, and Biomonitoring
  • Water/Waste Water and
  • Environmental Health Management

The Environmental Health Legislation Database identifies legislation related to these topic areas from introduction, through the legislative process, to adoption, to the Governor’s desk, to final enactment. The progress of each bill is updated twice monthly through the end of that state’s session.

Legislative Summaries: NCSL summarizes the environmental health bills and topics covered by the state legislatures at the end of state legislative sessions.

Legislative Totals: For the 2014 legislative sessions, the Environmental Health Database has identified 2794 bills from 46 states with 559 becoming enacted (Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and Texas did not schedule a regular session in 2014).

For a complete listing of legislative updates, please visit the environmental legislative updates or use the terms below for a more comprehensive, database-wide search.

Legislators and legislative staff are able to look up bill text via our Bill Information Services (BIS). All visitors to this site may click "Bill Text Lookup" next to each state to search for specific bills on state legislative web pages..

Carry-Over: Some bills may appear in both the 2014 and from 2013. Bills introduced in 2013 may be carried-over into the 2014 session; several bills in the 2014 database will have been introduced in 2013. All bills introduced in 2013 or 2014 will have died by January 1, 2015, with the exception of New Jersey, where bills introduced in 2014 may be carried-over to the 2015 session.

New feature in 2015: The full text of bills is now available by clicking on the bill number. You must be registered for the NCSL website and logged in to view the text.

Please see our chart of enacted 2014 environmental health legislation below. Out of the 484 environmental health bills that were enacted this year, the legislation can be categorized in the following way:


Based on the 484 environmental health bills that were enacted in 2014

For faster performance, please use the fields below to filter your results. If nothing is picked, the default search is to include all topics and states in current session year.

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