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Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS)

States have been actively updating and expanding their Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS), requiring utilities to achieve a certain percentage of energy savings based on the amount of electricity or natural gas sold in the state. States have implemented these long-term efficiency goals to decrease electricity and natural gas consumption and promote efficient technologies that reduce pollution associated with energy generation and use.


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Power Play: States Address U.S. Electric Grid 

Much of the nation’s network of electricity generation, transmission and distribution resources is aging and major upgrades are needed for new technologies, changing market dynamics and shifting consumer preferences. This analysis comes from a new NCSL report, “Modernizing the Electric Grid: State Role and Policy Options.”





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Lowering Energy Costs With Non-wires Solutions 

In this recent webinar, national experts discussed a range of non-wires case studies, including an early effort in New York, which allowed the Con Edison utility to defer a $1.2 billion substation upgrade through demand reduction and distributed resource investments. Presenters also explored the role that state legislators can play in overcoming barriers to these cost-saving solutions.   


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Solar Policy Toolkit

NCSL and NASEO's new toolkit provides state legislators, energy officials, governors, commissioners and other interested parties with the tools to understand the distributed solar market in their states and to craft policies to achieve their state solar energy goals.


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Engagement Between Public Utility Commissions and State Legislatures

State legislatures and public utility commissions (PUCs), also called public service commissions, are inextricably linked. This mini-guide looks at ways in which these two organizations interact, how these relationships can be strengthened, and how legislators and commissioners can look to further engage with their counterparts. 


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Energy Bill Tracking

This NCSL database features bills relating to climate change, energy efficiency, energy security, financing energy projects, fossil energy, green jobs, renewable energy and alternative transportation fuels.


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Energy Resources 

The NCSL Energy Program posts its many policy resources online. Feel free to view our publications, legislative summaries, newsletters, presentations from past meetings, and webinar recordings.