Voter ID 2011 Legislation

Voter ID:  Legislation Action, 2003-2014

Voter ID has been the hottest topic in the field of elections since 2011, when three states (Kansas, Rhode Island and Wisconsin) enacted strict voter ID requirements and three governors vetoed similar bills (Minnesota, Hew Hampshire and North Carolina.)  See below for: 2014 Proosed Voter ID Legislation.

These 20 states did not have laws requiring voter ID at the polls at the beginning of 2011, but saw legislation proposing it during the year.  Three state legislatures enacted new voter ID requirements--Kansas, Rhode Island and Wisconsin.  Governors in Minnesota, New Hampshire and North Carolina vetoed voter ID bills in 2011.  In Minnesota, supporters have vowed to pass a new bill in the 2012 session that would bypass the governor and go to the voters for approval instead.  This strategy is similar to what the Oklahoma legislature did in 2009 and 2010.  Mississippi voters approved a citizen initiative proposing voter ID in November 2011; that constitutional amendment will require the passage of implementing legislation before it can take effect.

  • California--AB 663 and 945: failed
  • Illinois--HB 3058 and SB 2035: adjourned; carried over to 2012 session
  • Iowa--HF 8, HF 95, SF 142: adjourned; carried over to 2012 session
  • Kansas--HB 2067: enacted
  • Maine--LD 199: adjourned; carried over to 2012 session 
  • Maryland--HB 288 and 701: failed
  • Massachusetts--adjourned; carried over to 2012 session
  • Minnesota--SB 509:  vetoed
  • Mississippi--multiple bills: all failed; however, voters approved a citizen initiative on the Nov. 8 ballot
  • Nebraska--LB 239 and 605: adjourned; carried over to 2012 session
  • Nevada--SB 373 failed
  • New Hampshire--SB 129: vetoed
  • New Jersey--A 1725: failed
  • New Mexico--HB 308, HB 577, SB 363: failed
  • New York--multiple bills: carried over to 2012 session 
  • North Carolina--HB 351: vetoed 
  • Pennsylvania--HB 934: adjourned; carried over to 2012 session (passed the House in 2011)
  • Rhode Island--SB 400/HB 5680: enacted
  • West Virginia--HB 3219: failed
  • Wisconsin--AB 7: enacted

Strengthening Existing Voter ID Laws 

At the beginning of 2011, 27 states had non-photo voter ID laws.  Fourteen of these 27 considered legislation that year to require photo ID at the polls.  Three states--South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas--enacted strict photo ID requirements, and Alabama enacted a new voter ID law that is somewhat less strict than the new laws in SC, TN and TX, yet stricter than the old law it replaces.  The new laws in Alabama, South Carolina and Texas can't take effect until they receive pre-clearance from the U.S. Department of Justice.  Governors in Missouri and Montana vetoed stricter voter ID laws in 2011.

  • Alabama--HB 19: enacted
  • Alaska--HB 162: adjourned; carried over to 2012
  • Arkansas--HB 1797: failed
  • Colorado--HB 1003: failed
  • Connecticut--HB 5231, SB 604 and 647: failed
  • Delaware--HB 199 and HB 200; adjourned; carried over to 2012
  • Hawaii--HB 1359: adjourned; carried over to 2012
  • Missouri--SB 3: vetoed and SJR 2: approved (must be approved by voters in November 2012 before it takes effect; also requires the passage of implementing legislation)
  • Montana--HB 152: vetoed
  • Ohio--HB 159: adjourned; carried over to 2012 session (passed the House in 2011)
  • South Carolina--HB 3003: enacted
  • Tennessee--SB 16: enacted
  • Texas--SB 14: enacted
  • Virginia--multiple bills: failed

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