StateVote Election Results and Analysis

Election Results and Analysis


graphic indicating "statevote"Available now—2014 election results.

View our free webinar—State of State Elections 2014—for up-to-date election results and analysis.

Visit the NCSL Blog for analyses of legislative races and statewide ballot measures. 


December 2014 State Legislatures magazine coverThe December issue of State Legislatures magazine offers an analysis of the 2014 state legislative elections and also looks at the voters' verdict on statewide ballot measures.



NCSL’s election experts Tim Storey and Wendy Underhill discuss the results of the Nov. 4 state legislative elections and the 147 statewide ballot measures put before voters in 41 states.





Photo of person inserting ballot into ballot boxBallot measures provide a window into virtually every legislative policy arena. NCSL’s database of measures includes all those on the ballot this year: 147 in 41 states plus the District of Columbia.





NCSL resources offer tools to assess the 2014 state legislative races and statewide ballot measures.


image of a numbers chartNCSL has tracked state legislative races for 40 years. The party composition page shows party control numbers for the last five years, and includes the governor's party and overall state control. 


Turn to NCSL for pre- and post-election data and analysis this election season. Since 1996, NCSL has provided the nation’s most comprehensive data and analysis of legislative and statewide ballot measure elections, and we plan to continue the tradition. This information is available via our StateVote website, NCSL’s blogs, and pre- and post-election webinars. We work through the night on Election Day, tweeting breaking news as it happens, in order to have complete analysis by early the next morning.

For every statewide election, NCSL tracks before and after status on party control of each legislative chamber, the party of the governor, veto-proof majorities, and what this means for each state and the nation as a whole. For this year, 6,049 out of the 7,383 total state legislative seats are up for election. Currently, there are 57 Republican majority chambers and 41 with Democratic majorities, plus Nebraska's nonpartisan unicameral chamber. In an off-year election, these legislative races and party control of legislative chambers is especially important. 

Additionally, NCSL tracks all statewide ballot measures and analyzes what these citizen votes mean for politics as a whole and for legislators particularly. This year, 147 measures are on ballots in 41 states plus the District of Columbia.

For more information, contact NCSL's StateVote team at 303-364-7700.

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  • States and Election Reform | The Canvass: November-December 2014

    NCSL's elections newsletter, The Canvass, provides information about notable court rulings that have affected elections administration in 2014, including voter ID cases. It also includes a story about the use of vote centers and an article about several elections-related ballot measures in 2014.

  • StateVote 2014: Pre-Election Analysis

    This page contains information about the 2014 state legislative elections and statewide ballot measures, including partisan control of legislatures, turnover and -re-election analysis.

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