Justice Reinvestment in Oklahoma

Justice Reinvestment | Oklahoma

Alison Lawrence 3/4/2014

Oklahoma flagA law adopted in 2012 is designed to strengthen community supervision and enhance public safety. It requires that substance and mental health assessment results of offenders be considered in sentencing. Intermediate revocation facilities were created to provide a secure alternative to prison for probation and parole violators. The facilities will provide intensive treatment and other services designed to reduce recidivism. The act requires a period of post-prison supervision for all prisoners and allows intermediate sanctions for those who violate conditions of release. The legislation is estimated to avert approximately $120 million in additional corrections spending by 2021.


HB 3052 (2012)

Requires assessments of risk, mental health and substance abuse be considered by the court when determining appropriate sentencing options for felony offenders. Decreases the penalty for a second or subsequent drug possession conviction when a specified amount of time has passed since the previous conviction. Requires a term of post-prison supervision for any felony offender sentenced to prison. Creates intermediate revocation facilities to provide housing and intensive services for offenders who have violated the conditions of community supervision; lists services to be provided, caps the amount of time spent in a facility and prohibits awarding earned time. Establishes the Justice Reinvestment Grant program for local law enforcement agencies to implement new initiatives to reduce violent crime and lists priorities for awarding the grants. Requires data collection related to policies created in this act.

HB 1109 (2013)

Allows a defendant to submit to risk, mental health and substance abuse assessments after an initial appearance, rather than prior to sentencing.

Full summaries of legislation can be found in NCSL’s Sentencing and Corrections Enactment Database.

State Resources

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Additional Resources

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