Justice Reinvestment in Ohio

Justice Reinvestment | Ohio

Alison Lawrence 3/4/2014

Ohio FlagA bipartisan work group considered probation policies and crowded prisons, leading to a 2011 law designed to expand and improve community supervision. The law requires probation and treatment for some first-time property and drug offenders, establishes statewide eligibility requirements for community corrections and prioritizes placement of offenders in certain programs, and creates statewide probation standards. The Legislature appropriated $10 million in FY2012-2013 to improve local supervision of felony probationers, with additional “probation improvement and incentive” grants being offered for FY2014-2015.


HB 86 (2011)

Increases felony theft thresholds. Modifies length of prison sentences for first and third degree felonies. Removes or decreases mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug offenses and requires a community-based sentence for some first-time, nonviolent drug offenders. Expands eligibility for pretrial diversion. Increases the amount of earned time inmates can earn. Establishes a “risk reduction” sentence that permits certain nonviolent, non-sex inmates who have completed required programs to be released after serving 80 percent of their prison term. Instructs the parole board to consider risk assessment results when setting conditions of release. Requires a reentry plan for every inmate. Requires development of administrative sanctions for probation violations and standards for community corrections supervision. Requires a single risk assessment tool be used by all criminal justice agencies. Establishes a “probation improvement grant” and a “probation incentive grant” to support programs that reduce probation violations.

HB 153 (2011)

Authorizes an increase of $10 million in funding for nonresidential community-based programs.  

HB 59 (2013)

Authorizes an increase of $10 million in funding for nonresidential community-based programs. 

Full summaries of legislation can be found in NCSL’s Sentencing and Corrections Enactment Database.

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