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The 2020 Mason’s Manual Commission was created in June 2011 by ASLCS President Robert Marchant, Chief Clerk of the Wisconsin Senate. President Marchant appointed the original 14 members of the 2020 Commission in August 2011; two vacancies existed after the initial appointments.

Officers and Members
The current make-up of the 2020 Mason's Manual Commission is shown below.  There is one vacancy.

Chair: Alfred Speer, Clerk of the Louisiana House
Vice Chair: Denise Weeks, Principal Clerk of the North Carolina House

Bonnie Alexander, Chief Clerk of the Idaho House
Liz Clark, Secretary of the Alaska Senate
Megan Consedine, Secretary of the Pennyslvania Senate
Ann Cornwell, Secretary of the Arkansas Senate
Yolanda Dixon, Assistant Secretary of the Louisiana Senate
Susan Furlong, Chief Clerk of the Nevada Assembly
Russell Humphrey, Chief Clerk of the Tennessee Senate
Joel Kintsel, Oklahoma House Parliamentarian/Administrator
William MaGill, First Assistant Clerk of the Vermont House
Steven Marshall, Assistant Secretary of the Vermont Senate
Bernadette McNulty, Chief Assistant Secretary of the California Senate
Tara Perkinson, Deputy Clerk of the Virginia Senate
Joyce Wright, Chief Clerk to the Secretary of the Alabama Senate

History of 2020 Commission membership.

The 2020 Commission held its organizational meeting on September 27, 2011, during the ASLCS Professional Development Seminar in Branson, Missouri—at which time, Alfred Speer and Denise Weeks were elected as the Commission’s chair and vice chair, respectively. This Commission will continue until the 2020 edition of the Manual is published by NCSL.

The original 14 members of the 2020 Commission were: 

  • Bonnie Alexander, Idaho House
  • David Byerman, Nevada Senate
  • Liz Clark, Alaska Senate
  • Laura Clemens, Ohio House
  • Ann Cornwell, Arkansas Senate
  • Yolanda Dixon, Louisiana Senate
  • Susan Furlong, Nevada Assembly
  • Russell Humphrey, Tennessee Senate
  • Ramona Kenady Line, Oregon House
  • Robert Marchant, Wisconsin Senate
  • Tara Perkinson, Virginia Senate
  • Alfred “Butch” Speer, Louisiana House
  • Denise Weeks, North Carolina House
  • Joyce Wright, Alabama Senate

The following change(s) in membership occurred during the 2020 Commission’s tenure.

  • In October 2011, William MaGill, First Assistant Clerk of the Vermont House, and Tammy Wright, Clerk of the New Hampshire Senate, were appointed to fill the two vacancies on the Commission.
  • In December 2011, Laura Clemens resigned from legislative service and the Commission.
  • In January 2012, Robert Marchant resigned from the legislative service and the Commission. 
  • In February 2012, Joseph Carleton, Secretary of the Maine Senate, and Steven Marshall, Assistant Secretary of the Vermont Senate, were appointed to fill the two vacancies on the commission. 
  • In October 2012, Tammy Wright resigned from the Commission.
  • In November 2012, Joseph Carleton left legislative service and the Commission.
  • In March 2013, Megan Consedine, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Senate, and Joel Kintsel, Oklahoma House Parliamentarian/Administrator, were appointed to fill two vacancies on the commission.
  • In June 2014, Ramona Kenady Line left legislative service and the Commission.
  • In October 2014, Bernadette McNulty, Chief Assistant Secretary of the California Senate, was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Commission.
  • In November 2014, David Byerman left legislative service and the Commission.


Work of the 2020 Commission

The 2020 Commission will be responsible for the 2020 edition of Mason’s Manual.

First, the 2020 Commission will develop on-line training modules and a series of self-tests that individuals may use to learn—or improve their knowledge about—the Manual. These efforts will be followed by the revision work to create the 2020 edition.

Parliamentary Training Materials
The Mason’s Manual Commission serves as a resource on legislative parliamentary procedure and promotes the proper application of the rules of procedure in the legislative process.  A central mission of the 2020 Commission’s Education and Outreach Working Group is to develop training materials to further the knowledge and understanding of Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure

Ask Mr. Mason…
Paul Mason, a former chief assistant secretary of the California Senate, developed Mason’s Manual over the course of his career, and today his manual is used by approximately three-fourths of the 99 state legislative chambers. To further Paul Mason’s goal of advancing parliamentary knowledge, the Mason’s Manual Commission has launched a new advice column on parliamentary procedure—“Ask Mr. Mason.”
Send your parliamentary inquiries to Members of the Commission will research and respond to the parliamentary dilemmas that you submit. The inquiries that are chosen for response will be featured in an “Ask Mr. Mason” column in a future edition of the Legislative Administrator, the newsletter for the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries. Specific section citations in any response will refer to the 2010 edition of Mason’s Manual

The Mason’s Manual Commission appreciates your inquiries and will do its best to answer them in a manner that would make Mr. Mason proud.
E-learning Videos
The Education and Outreach Working Group of the Mason’s Manual Commission is developing a series of educational videos about parliamentary procedure and Mason’s Manual.

  • 10 Principles of Parliamentary Procedure —This video covers the 10 principles that govern procedure in group decision making.  Understanding these general principles will help you build a foundation for further study of parliamentary rules and procedures.

  • Best Practices for Debate and Decorum —The Working Group is pleased to present eight short videos about best practices for decorum and debate.

Parliamentary Procedure: A Legislator’s Guide
This guide serves as a primer on parliamentary fundamentals. It will help you quickly comprehend the basics of parliamentary procedure and builds a foundation for further study about this essential legislative skill. It uses a “Ws” approach to convey information in an easy-to-read format. More.


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