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2010 Mason’s Manual Commission

The 2010 Mason’s Manual Commission was created in December 2002 by ASLCS President Ann Cornwell, Secretary of the Arkansas Senate. President Cornwell appointed the original 16 members of the 2010 Commission in February 2003. 

 The 2010 Commission was dissolved on September 7, 2010, at the ASLCS Professional Development Seminar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Officers and Members
In July 2003, the 2010 Commission elected John Phelps to serve as chair and Alfred Speer as vice chair. In September 2006, the Commission elected new officers—Alfred Speer was elected the chair, and Denise Weeks was selected as vice chair.

The original 16 members of the 2010 Commission were:

  • Dave Avant, Administrative Assistant of the Alabama Senate
  • Diane Bell, Assistant Clerk of the Florida House
  • Joe Blough, Administrative Programs Officer of the Oklahoma House
  • Laura Clemens, Clerk of the Ohio House
  • Ann Cornwell, Secretary of the Arkansas Senate
  • Mark Corrigan, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Senate
  • Jeff Finch, Deputy Clerk of the Virginia House
  • Millie MacFarland, Clerk of the Maine House
  • Don Milne, Clerk of the Vermont House
  • Norman Moore, Chief Clerk of the Arizona House
  • Pat O’Donnell, Clerk of the Nebraska Legislature
  • John Phelps, Clerk of the Florida House
  • Susan Schaar, Clerk of the Virginia Senate
  • Alfred “Butch” Speer, Clerk of the Louisiana House
  • Karen Wadsworth, Clerk of the New Hampshire House
  • Denise Weeks, Principal Clerk of the North Carolina House

The following changes in membership occurred during the 2010 Commission’s tenure.

  • In September 2004, Patsy Spaw, Secretary of the Texas Senate, was appointed to replace Susan Schaar.
  • In February 2005, Claire Clift, Secretary of the Nevada Senate, was appointed to replace Joe Blough.
  • In November 2005, Ramona Kenady, Chief Clerk of the Oregon House, was appointed to replace Mark Corrigan.
  • In March 2007, Russell Humphrey, Chief Clerk of the Tennessee Senate, was appointed to replace John Phelps.

Work of the 2010 Commission

The 2010 Commission was responsible for the 2010 edition of Mason’s Manual.

Initially, three subcommittees were created to perform most of the revision work. The Legal Citation Review Subcommittee was responsible for the review of existing legal citations and new case law. The Internal Integrity and Layout Subcommittee reviewed existing parliamentary manual citations and created a new index. The Substantive Review Subcommittee searched parliamentary manuals and legislative rules for supplemental material and reviewed the existing text for inconsistencies. Later in the revision cycle, a fourth subcommittee was formed to assist with the final review and editing of manual drafts.

During its 7-year revision process to create the 2010 edition, the 2010 Mason’s Manual Commission held 22 meetings, during which it:

  • Reviewed every case citation listed in the 2000 edition and new case law that had occurred between editions; updated the case citations as necessary; changed the format of case citations in all footnotes.
  • Reviewed all parliamentary manual citations listed in the 2000 edition; updated the parliamentary citations as necessary.
  • Reviewed constitutional provisions cited in several Manual footnotes; updated provisions as necessary.
  • Reviewed other parliamentary manuals to see if any contained material not included in Mason’s or information that would enhance existing Mason’s language; revised text as necessary.
  • Reviewed the document for inconsistencies; revised text as necessary.
  • Increased internal cross references by adding more “See also” notations.
  • Changed the format of the Table of Cases.
  • Created an entirely new index, which is much more in-depth and easier to use.

The final report of the 2010 Commission provides more detail about the work of the Commission and its subcommittees.

The 2010 List of Changes provides a summary of the changes that the Commission made to the 2000 edition of Mason’s Manual to create the 2010 edition.

To order the 2010 edition of Mason's Manual of Legislative Procedure, please click here.


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