Masons Manual 2001 Masons Manual Study Commission

2001 Mason’s Manual Study Commission

In 2001, the ASLCS Executive Committee directed ASLCS President Judy Hall, Secretary of the Oregon Senate, to appoint a 16-member Mason's Manual Study Commission.

Officers and Members
The Study Commission was chaired by Alfred Speer, and Dave Avant served as the vice chair.

The members of the Study Commission were:

  • Stephen Arias, Chief Clerk of the New Mexico House
  • Dave Avant, Administrative Assistant to the Alabama Senate Secretary
  • Sharon Carter, Chief Clerk of the Texas House
  • Patrick Flahaven, Secretary of the Minnesota Senate
  • Linda Hawker, Assistant Secretary of the Illinois Senate
  • JoAnn Hedrick, Chief Clerk of the Delaware House
  • Janet Jones, Chief Clerk of the Kansas House
  • Ramona Kenady, Chief Clerk of the Oregon House
  • Millicent MacFarland, Chief Clerk of the Maine House
  • Patrick J. O'Donnell, Clerk of the Nebraska Legislature
  • John B. Phelps, Clerk of the Florida House
  • Susan Schaar, Clerk of the Virginia Senate
  • Donald J. Schneider, Chief Clerk of the Wisconsin Senate
  • Alfred "Butch" Speer, Clerk of the Louisiana House, Chair
  • Karen Wadsworth, Clerk of the New Hampshire House
  • Denise Weeks, Principal Clerk of the North Carolina House

Work of the Study Commission

The Study Commission was assigned three tasks. It was asked to review 1) the Commission’s mission, 2) its membership appointment process and 3) the revision process. The work of the Study Commission was divided among three task forces—the Task Force on the Appointment Process, the Substantive Issues Task Force, and the Mission and Process Task Force.

In September 2002, the Study Commission reported its findings and recommendations to the ASLCS Executive Committee at the ASLCS Professional Development Seminar in Portland, Oregon. The Study Commission was dissolved following the delivery of its final report.


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