How to Be an Effective Legislator Audio Series

These audio files are from our series “How to Be an Effective Legislator.” Click on the title to download the file and listen to them in streaming format.

"How to be an Effective Legislator" Audio Series

Mastering the Legislative Process: How to learn the legislative process and more.

  • Legislative procedures
  • Passing your bill
  • Using legislative staff and resources
  • Interpersonal skills
Managing the Budget: How to understand state finances and budgets.
  • Budget analysis and development
  • Major expenditure areas
  • Revenue forecasts
  • Capital budgets
Mastering the Rules: How to learn, and play by the legislative rules.
  • The principles behind the rules
  • Finding the right staff and colleagues to help you
  • Developing scripts to help you make motions
  • Knowing which rules to learn first 

Working with Staff and Lobbyists: How to deal effectively with staff and lobbyists.

  • Hiring and motivating staff
  • Learning the ethical boundaries with lobbyists
  • Questioning a lobbyist to get the full picture
  • Learning who to trust

Serving Your Constituents: How to serve and anticipate constituents' needs.

  • Deciding what to pursue yourself and what to refer to others
  • Understanding the ethical considerations, and best practices
  • Handling constituent calls 

Building Consensus: How to resolve conflicts and build consensus in the legislature.

  • Building trust
  • Working out differences
  • Educating the group
  • Learning persuasion skills and more

Dealing with the Media: How to work with the media effectively.

  • Honing your media message
  • Working with editors and writers
  • Giving a press conference
  • Getting media coverage
  • Handling a media crisis

Chairing a Committee: How to excel at chairing a legislative committee.

  • Keeping the committee productive
  • Planning ahead
  • Running an effective meeting
  • Speaking for your committee
  • Getting the most out of staff and more 

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