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NCSL Legislative Summit: 40th Year of Teaching, Learning and Networking | Best-selling political authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, education expert Sir Ken Robinson, philanthropist Cindy McCain, Grammy-winning cellist Yo-Yo Ma and General Wesley Clark (Ret.) will be among the guest speakers during the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) 40th annual Legislative Summit Aug. 19-22 in Minneapolis.




"I imagine at some point you'll have an app called the 'Call Your Friend' app and you won't be using the phone network at all."
NCSL's Max Behlke in Bloomberg News 

“There are so many factors that can affect electricity rates, from resources to demand.”
NCSL's Glen Andersen in Governing article about renewable energy







The Lessons of 2010 | Tim Storey of the National Conference of State Legislatures, who has spent more than two decades studying state-level elections, points out that there were historical danger signs: Democrats had gained state legislative seats in three straight elections leading into 2010, and neither party since the 1920s had gained seats in four straight elections... National Journal








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  • N.C. Takes Closer Look at Child Support Incentive Payments

    Little data exist across the country on how states are using federal incentive payments to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of child support programs. That information can be even harder to gather in the eight states with county-operated programs, as found by a recent legislative evaluation in North Carolina.

  • NCSL Leaders Meet with White House Officials

    State legislative leaders from across the country were treated to a half-day discussion with cabinet secretaries at the White House last week, as part of NCSL’s three-day meeting that brought the leaders to D.C. for informative sessions and to meet with members of Congress

  • Webinar Thursday on Energy Development and the Department of Defense

    While the Department of Defense is a strong proponent of renewable energy, the department is also responsible for ensuring that wind turbines, solar panels and other infrastructure located on or near military installations do not conflict with test and training activities.



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