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The NCSL Standing Committees provide a forum for legislators and legislative staff to exchange information about developments in the states and to determine NCSL's formal policy positions. Their jurisdictions are similar to those of committees in state legislatures. They are made up of legislators and legislative staff from the 50 states and the territories. Legislator members of the committees are appointed for two-year terms following the fall elections by the presiding officer or other appointing authority of each legislative chamber. Legislative staff members to the committees are appointed by their staff directors or other appointing authority. Legislative staff typically serve until they are replaced or resign.

The work of the committees is guided by legislator and legislative staff officers, who are named each year by the NCSL President and Staff Chair. The committee members and the officers are listed on the individual committee web pages.  The searchable Standing Committee Directory, which you can link to below, provides access to the names of legislators and legislative staff currently serving on NCSL committees.

Legislator and legislative staff committee members have an equal role in governance, planning programs and discussions for the standing committees. The only exception to this is that the NCSL by-laws prohibit legislative staff from voting on matters of public policy. Legislative staff participate in discussions about proposed policy statements and resolutions and serve as resources in policy discussions. Voting on resolutions, though, remains a prerogative of the legislators. The Standing Committee Officers Manual provides detailed information about the NCSL committee system and the rules and procedures for conducting committee business and adopting policy statements.

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