Natural Resources and Infrastructure

Natural Resources and Infrastructure

Natural ResourcesThe Natural Resources and Infrastructure Committee is one of nine NCSL Standing Committees that educates Congress and federal agencies about state concerns and serves as a forum for state legislators and legislative staff to learn about and share information regarding programs and initiatives in other states. In particular, this committee has jurisdiction over state and federal energy, environment, agriculture and transportation programs, legislation, regulations and policies.

Ever wonder what the NCSL Natural Resources and Infrastructure Committee is up to? Check out our one-stop-shop for all NRI Committee resources on our Committee Resources Page.


NEWS1/28/2015 | The Dept. of Interior released its draft drilling plan for 2017-2022, proposing to lease never-before leased in the Atlantic Ocean. Earlier in the week the administration also proposed a plan to protect 12.8 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska from any development, including oil and natural gas. See NCSL's Info Alert for more details. 




fall forumFind links to session resources, such as presentations, bios, handouts, audio and video recordings from the 2014 Forum in Washington, D.C. New policy resolutions and amendments that were adopted by the NRI Committee during the 2014 Fourm can be found here.  Click MORE to see NRI Committee Resources from past meetings such as presentations, bios, handouts, audio and video recordings. 





The Natural Resources and Infrastructure Committee bases all of its federal advocacy work on the policy directives and resolutions that have been approved on both the committee and conference level. The policies are as of the 2013 Legislative Summit, Aug. 15, 2013. Click continue below to access all NRI Committee polices.




webinarOn Dec. 13, Congress passed a budget that funds a majority of the federal government for the reminder of the fiscal year until the end of September 2015.The last-minute agreement, the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2015 (H.R. 83), passed the House and Senate by bipartisan votes of 219-206 and 56-40, respectively and the President signed it into law on Dec. 16. See an overview of funding for various state-federal programs.  




CAPITOL DOMEOct. 16, 2014 NCSL made comments to EPA's proposed regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, which will be open for public comment until Dec. 1.  NCSL's comments encouraged EPA to consult with states throughout the regulation process; ensure state flexibility and to take into account the differeing state legislative schedules when making a timeline for implementation of the rules . 




newsletter The NRI Committee provides 3 monthly newsletters to its members focused on energy/agriculture, environment and transportation news. NCSL's Agriculture and Energy Newsletter and NCSL's Environment Update and the new Transportation Update track federal news, policies, legislation and more. Want both state and federal news? NCSL's Transport Report highlights all things transportation at both the state and federal levels, and our newest newsletter, Plugged In, does the same for energy. Each newsletter is monthly: December-January Issues are now available!



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