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New Member Orientation in State Legislatures

Legislating is tough work, and there is little time for new members to adjust to their responsibilities.  Being a state legislator means having to make hard decisions on spending, policy and constituent problems.  Although a person's business or professional life and previous political experience provide a helpful start, state legislatures commonly use new member orientation and other training to help freshmen prepare for their difficult new duties.
Below you will find links to an overview, list of new member orientation coordinators, an NCSL webinar with new member orientation experts and sample orientation agendas:

NCSL Agendas,  Rosters and more:Picture of Capitol Dome


NCSL's New Member Orientation Overview
Roster of 2012 New Member Orientation Coordinators
2012 New Member Orientation—Advice from the New Member Coordinators 
NCSL Webinar—What's New with New Member Orientation?
The Thicket—A Blog for Legislators and their Staff Blog

The following agendas are Samples of New Member Orientation Agendas from various states: 

Picture of Wyoming State Flag

Wyoming Agendas


Wyoming Legislative Orientation—Your role in the Wyoming Legislature
Resources to Help You and External Relations
Structure of the Law and Bill Drafting Procedures
Government Organization; Education Funding; and Budget Issues
The Art of Legislating Legislative Rules and Procedures
Mock Legislative Session
Media Training; Anti-Discrimination Training; Ethics Training; Computer Training; Intern Meet and Greet
Wyoming Budget Session Orientation

Picture of Wisconsin State Flag

 2011 New Member Institute—Wisconsin Joint Legislative Council

Picture of Nevada State Flag


Nevada New Legislator Orientation and Training

Picture of Colorado State Flag


Harassment Prevention and Colorado Ethics and the General Assembly
Phase I—Introduction to the Colorado General Assembly
Phase II—Overview of the Legislative Services Agencies
Phase III—State Revenue and Spending
Colorado New Legislator Orientation Program—Spouses'/Companions' Agenda 

Picture of Arkansas State Flag
Arkansas Agenda


38th Institute of Legislative Procedure Orientation

 Pictture of North Dakota State Flag

North Dakota 


Orientation and Training Session for Certain Legislative Employees
Computer Training Sessions for Legislators 

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