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NCSL is offering a Legislative Summit app for Apple and Android devices, and an HTML5 version for use with the browser on your mobile device or laptop.

Download the App Now

You can search for the app—NCSL 2014—in the Apple or Android stores, or click on the download button while using your mobile device. The download button also will load an HTML5 version of the app onto your desktop or other mobile device.


Getting started

We've simplified NCSL's mobile app for the 2014 meeting. There is just one screen of icons that offers access to:

  • Event information listings and search
  • Speakers
  • Personalized schedule and notes
  • Exhibits


First Things First

  • At the registration page, enter your email as username and a password of your choice. Note that the app will not recognize the user name and password that you use for the NCSL website. You will need to create a new registration.
  • Use the same login on smartphone, tablet or laptop to sync your information.
  • Now tap any icon on the main screen to view that section of the app.

Staying on Schedule

  • You can keep track of sessions, exhibits, speakers and notes.
  • In each section, check the box next to an item to add it to your MySummit selections.
  • If you check the box next to any item, that session will appear on your MySummit schedule.
  • Tap the MySummit icon on the main screen to view all your selections. Tap the Share button in the upper right corner of the MySummit screen to export your MySummit selections via email.

Staying in sync

  • To sync on Apple and Android phones, tap the sync button in the upper right corner of the main screen. (Be sure you have a good Internet connection.) The sync button for tablets is on the bar at the top of the page to the right of the Alert icon.
  • If a new version of the Apple or Android app is released, sync before downloading.
  • Turn off automatic app updating for this app to avoid updating without syncing.

Taking Note

  • You can take notes in several areas of the app. Your notes are saved to the MyNotes section of the App (accessed via the MySummit icon).   
  • We recommend only taking notes on one device so syncing is not required. Syncing notes between devices is complicated and could result in lost information. If you must sync notes between devices, follow these steps:  1) Sync the app before entering notes.  2) After entering notes, use the Sync Notes button in MyNotes. These steps must be followed in this sequence on each device to enter notes on multiple devices. (Apple and Android apps only. MyNotes synching does not apply for HTML5 version.)


  • Tap on the ? icon for help throughout the app.
  • Still have a question? Simply email the support crew at TripBuilder for prompt help.

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