Schedule At a Glance

All meetings will take place at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center unless otherwise noted. For questions about the program, please contact NCSL events.

7am 5pm Registration
7:45am 2:45pm Personal Staff Training
8am 2:45pm Pre-Conferences
8am 2:45pm Task Forces
9am Noon LSCC
1pm 2:45pm Staff Sections
1pm 2pm Programs & Strategic Planning
2:15pm 3:30pm Budget Committee
3pm 5:30pm Standing Committees
4pm 5:30pm Executive Committee
5:45pm 6:45pm Steering Committee
7am 5:30pm Registration
7:45am 8:45am New Staff Section Officer Orientation
7:45am 8:45am New Attendee Orientations
7:45am 8:45am Prayer Breakfast
9am 10:30am General Session
Jim Collins
10am 4 pm Exhibit Hall
10:45am Noon Standing Committees
Noon 1:30pm Standing Committee Lunches
1:30pm 5pm Standing Committees
3:30pm 5pm Legislative Staff University
5:15 pm 6:15pm Steering Committee
6:30pm 8:30pm Opening Reception-An Evening in Old San Antonio
6:30am 8am Walk for Wellness
7am 8:30 am ABA Healthy Breakfast on the Grotto
7am 5pm Registration
10am 4pm Exhibit Hall
8:30am 9:45am General Session Rick Perry
10am 11:30am Standing Committees/Issue Forums
11:30am 1:30pm Clean Diesel Exhibit Hall Lunch
1pm 3:45pm Legislative Staff Workshops
1pm 2:15pm Issue Forums
2:30pm 3:45pm Issue Forums
4pm 5:30pm Staff Sections
4pm 5:30pm Legislators Roundtable
5pm 6:30pm 2012 Illinois Reception
6pm  8pm After-hours tour of the Alamo
6:30am 8am Bipartisan Bike Ride
8am 2pm Registration
9am Noon Exhibit Hall
8 am 9:15am Issue Forums
9:30am 10:30am General Session
10:45am 12:45pm Business Meeting
12:30pm 2:15pm Legislative Staff Lunches
12:30pm 2pm DLCC Luncheon
RLCC Luncheon
2:15pm 3:45pm Issue Forums
2:30pm 3:45pm Salute to Legislative Staff
4pm 5:30pm Staff Sections
6pm 9:30pm Closing Social Event-Texas Dancehall Review
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