Womens Legislative Network Governance

Women's Legislative Network Governance

Review the Network bylaws.

Executive Board 2014-2015

The Network is governed by a 15-member board of directors that is politically and regionally balanced. The role of president alternates between a Democrat and a Republican each year. The board makes decisions about programming and events and encourages other women legislators to get involved with the Network and NCSL.


President Representative Jane Powdrell-Culbert Republican New Mexico
President-Elect Representative Brenda Gilmore Democrat Tennessee
Vice President Representative Kristin Conzet Republican South Dakota
Past President Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles Democrat Washington

Regional Members

Eastern Representative Janice Cooper Democrat Maine
Eastern VACANT Republican  
Midwestern Senator Carla Nelson Republican Minnesota
Midwestern Senator Lena Taylor Democrat Wisconsin
Southern VACANT Republican  
Southern Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn Democrat Virginia
Western Representative Ellie Boldman Hill Democrat Montana
Western Representative Charisse Millett Republican Alaska

At-Large Members

At-Large Representative Patricia Bellock Republican Illinois
At-Large Senator Gail Davenport Democrat Georgia

NOBEL/Women Representative

  Representative Laura Hall Democrat Alabama

Advisory Council 2014-2015

An Advisory Council, composed of a Democrat and Republican from each state, serves as the liaison between the states and the Network. Advisory Council members work with the Network on activities and events within their states, provide information to the Network regarding organizations and activities involving women legislators, and assist with program and fundraising efforts as determined by the Executive Board.

Contact us if you'd like to fill a vacancy in your state.




Alabama Rep. Becky Nordgren R
Alabama VACANT D
Alaska Sen. Lesil McGuire R
Arizona VACANT D
Arizona Sen. Kelli Ward R
Arkansas Rep. Sheilla Lampkin D
Arkansas Rep. Stephanie Malone R
California VACANT D
California VACANT R
Colorado VACANT D
Colorado VACANT R
Connecticut Sen. Andrea Stillman D
Connecticut Rep. Sandy Nafis D
Delaware Sen. Patricia Blevins D
Delaware Rep. Valerie Longhurst D
District of Columbia VACANT D
Florida Sen. Arthenia Joyner D
Florida Sen. Audrey Gibson D
Georgia Rep. Dee Dawkins-Haigler D
Georgia Rep. Donna Sheldon R
Hawaii Sen. Suzanne Chun Oakland D
Idaho Rep. Maxine Bell R
Illinois Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie D
Illinois VACANT R
Indiana Rep. Terri Austin D
Indiana VACANT R
Iowa Sen. Pam Jochum D
Kansas Rep. Barbara Ballard D
Kansas Sen. Vicki Schmidt R
Kentucky Rep. Joni L. Jenkins D
Kentucky Rep. Susan Westrom D
Louisiana Rep. Patricia Haynes Smith D
Louisiana Rep. Julie Stokes R
Maine Rep. Ellie Espling R
Maryland Sen. Delores Kelley D
Maryland Del. Shirley Nathan-Pulliam D
Maryland Del. Donna Stifler R
Massachusetts VACANT R
Massachusetts Rep. Anne Gobi D
Michigan VACANT D
Michigan Rep. Amanda Price R
Minnesota Sen. Melisa Franzen DFL
Minnesota Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer R
Mississippi VACANT R
Mississippi VACANT D
Missouri VACANT D
Missouri Rep. Jeanie Lauer R
Montana Sen. Sue Malek D
Montana Rep. Kim Dudik D
Montana Sen. Janna Taylor R
Nebraska Sen. Kate Sullivan X
Nebraska Sen. Kathy Campbell X
Nevada Sen. Debbie Smith D
Nevada Assy. Teresa Benitez-Thompson D
New Hampshire VACANT D
New Hampshire VACANT R
New Jersey Sen. Nia Gill D
New Jersey Sen. Loretta Weinberg D
New Mexico Rep. Patricia Lundstrom D
New Mexico VACANT R
New York Assy. Barbara Clark D
North Carolina Rep. Beverly Earle D
North Carolina Sen. Shirley Blackburn Randleman R
North Carolina Rep. Rosa Gill D
North Dakota Rep. Kathy Hawken R
North Dakota Rep. Lois Delmore D
Ohio Rep. Tracy Maxwell Heard D
Oklahoma Rep. Lee Denney R
Oklahoma Rep. Leslie Osborn R
Oregon Rep. Sherrie Sprenger R
Oregon Rep. Sara Gelser D
Oregon Rep. Jennifer Williamson D
Pennsylvania VACANT D
Pennsylvania Rep. Marguerite Quinn R
Puerto Rico Rep. Jenniffer González Colón NPP
Rhode Island Sen. Elizabeth Crowley D
Rhode Island VACANT R
South Carolina Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter D
South Carolina Rep. Jenny Anderson Horne R
South Dakota VACANT D
South Dakota VACANT R
Tennessee Rep. Karen Camper D
Tennessee Speaker Beth Halteman Harwell R
Texas Rep. Dawnna Dukes D
Texas Rep. Cindy Burkett R
Utah Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck D
Vermont Rep. Anne O’Brien D
Vermont VACANT R
Virginia Del. Kaye Kory D
Virginia VACANT R
Washington Sen. Karen Fraser D
Washington VACANT R
West Virginia VACANT D
West Virginia Sen. Donna Boley R
Wisconsin VACANT D
Wisconsin Rep. Amy Loudenbeck R
Wyoming Rep. Mary Throne D
Wyoming VACANT R


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