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newsletterMarch 2015


Updates from NCSL and around the nation about women and small business.

Archive of past issues.


Audio and video features produced by the Women's Legislative Network.

State Legislatures Magazine

State Legislatures article: Book Review: A Woman in Both Houses: My Career in New Mexico Politics (December 2012)
State Legislatures article: The Female Factor (July/August 2010)

State Legislatures article: Hitting the Glass Dome (July/August 2009)

State Legislatures article: Women Aren't 'Small Men' (June 2007) 

State Legislatures article: The Unexpected Legislator (February 2007)

State Legislatures article: Wise Women  (July/August, 2005)

State Legislatures article: Statestats: The Female Factor (January, 2005)

State Legislatures article: Women in Office: Fivefold Increase in 33 Years


LegisBrief: Women's Legislative Caucuses (October 2013)

LegisBrief: Osteoporosis Breaks Bones and Budgets (April/May 2008)

LegisBrief: Medicaid Services Across a Woman's Lifespan (February 2007)

LegisBrief: Preventing Cervical Cancer (November/December 2006)

LegisBrief: Women's Legislative Caucuses (June/July 2005)

NCSL Special Publications

Postcard Federal Earned Income Tax Credit: What Legislators Need to Know (updated for 2012)

WomanImproving Women's Health: Opportunities and Challenges of Health Reform (February 2012)

Improving Women's Health: State Policy Options (February 2011)

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