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newsletterJanuary 2015


Updates from NCSL and around the nation about anti-human trafficking legislation.

Archive of past issues.


Audio and video features produced by the Women's Legislative Network.

State Legislatures Magazine

State Legislatures article: Book Review: A Woman in Both Houses: My Career in New Mexico Politics (December 2012)
State Legislatures article: The Female Factor (July/August 2010)

State Legislatures article: Hitting the Glass Dome (July/August 2009)

State Legislatures article: Women Aren't 'Small Men' (June 2007) 

State Legislatures article: The Unexpected Legislator (February 2007)

State Legislatures article: Wise Women  (July/August, 2005)

State Legislatures article: Statestats: The Female Factor (January, 2005)

State Legislatures article: Women in Office: Fivefold Increase in 33 Years


LegisBrief: Women's Legislative Caucuses (October 2013)

LegisBrief: Osteoporosis Breaks Bones and Budgets (April/May 2008)

LegisBrief: Medicaid Services Across a Woman's Lifespan (February 2007)

LegisBrief: Preventing Cervical Cancer (November/December 2006)

LegisBrief: Women's Legislative Caucuses (June/July 2005)

NCSL Special Publications

Postcard Federal Earned Income Tax Credit: What Legislators Need to Know (updated for 2012)

WomanImproving Women's Health: Opportunities and Challenges of Health Reform (February 2012)

Improving Women's Health: State Policy Options (February 2011)

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