Resource directory for state legislative leaders

Resource directory for state legislative leaders


Here is a list of selected resources for state legislative leadership:

Articles and publications

CompassLinsky on Leadership: September 2012  | STATE LEGISLATURES MAGAZINE
It’s all about relationships. Read this article to learn more about how lawmakers who are not in leadership can promote their agenda.

Linsky on Leadership: May 2012  | STATE LEGISLATURES MAGAZINE
Leading from the back bench demands persistence and focus.

Linsky on Leadership: March 2012  | STATE LEGISLATURES MAGAZINE
One-party control doesn’t always eliminate political turmoil

Linsky on Leadership: January 2012  | STATE LEGISLATURES MAGAZINE
Convictions Put Spotlight on Need for Change

Linsky on Leadership: July/August 2011  | STATE LEGISLATURES MAGAZINE
Managing competing commitments gracefully

Counter Cultures: January 2011  | STATE LEGISLATURES MAGAZINE
Success in government demands a different set of skills than making it big in business.

Risky Business: July/August 2010  | STATE LEGISLATURES MAGAZINE
Leadership today requires new skills to navigate a rapidly changing world.

Taking the Floor: June 2012  | STATE LEGISLATURES MAGAZINE
Three leaders on pragmatism and partisanship, taxes and teamwork

Taking the Floor: September 2012  | STATE LEGISLATURES MAGAZINE
Two Leaders on Respect, Bipartisanship and Public Service

Taking the Floor: December 2011  | STATE LEGISLATURES MAGAZINE
Four Leaders on Distractions, Downturns and Tough Decisions

Taking the Floor: October/November 2011  | STATE LEGISLATURES MAGAZINE
Four Leaders On Harleys, Humor and Hobbies

Audio files

Effective Legislative Leadership
Hear advice from veteran leaders about managing the process, handling the challenges of the job and how to be effective.
(Read the companion Guide)

The Art of Leadership
Noted national expert James Clawson talks about the six steps to effective leadership.

Chairing a Committee
How to excell at chairing a legislative committee.

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