Legislative Research Librarians Listserv

The LRL Listserv

keyboradLRL provides a listserv for legislative library staff to promote communications among its members and to share information on LRL activities. 

The LRL listserv is open only to legislative library staff and all LRL members are welcome and encouraged to join. The LRL listserv:

• provides a forum for getting help from your fellow legislative librarians on research questions
• assists librarians in other states with responses to their questions
• maintains contacts with your library counterparts in other states
• keeps you up-to-date on library activities in other states
• keeps you informed about upcoming LRL activities and projects

To Subscribe:
Send an e-mail to Jeanne Mejeur. In the message, please provide your name, title, legislative office or agency, address, phone number and email address.

To Post Messages:
Once you are subscribed, you can post a message to the LRL listserv by sending an e-mail to with your question or comment.  Be sure to include a title for your message in the subject field and remember to include your name and contact information at the bottom of the message so that others can contact you individually if needed. Your message will be sent to all subscribers on the list.  Remember that replies to LRL listserv messages are sent to all other subscribers. To reply privately to the person who posted a message, send a new message directly to the sender's e-mail address, rather than replying to the listserv message. 

To Unsubscribe:
To be taken off the LRL listserv, send an email message to Jeanne Mejeur and indicate that you wish to unsubscribe.


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