RACSS Program History

RACSS Program History, 1982 - 2014

Since its inception in 1979, RACSS has presented hundreds of professional development sessions for legislative staff.  Below is a listing of sessions from 1982 to 2014.


Legislative Summit – Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Legislators Roundtable: What We Need and Value From Staff (RACSS & LRL)
  • Building a Brand for Legislative Staff (RACSS & LRL)
  • Ethics Roundtable for Legislative Staff
  • Remote Testimony for Committee Hearings (NALIT & RACSS)

Fall Seminar – Richmond, Virginia

  • U.S. Supreme Court Update
  • I Didn’t Sign On For This! Dealing with Constant Change in the Workplace
  • Witnesses Before Legislative Committees: Issues and Law
  • Compiling 50-State Information
  • I’m Just a Bill … in a State Legislative Drafting Office
  • The Doctrine of the Last Antecedent
  • Focusing on the Take Away: Powerful Presentations for Public Speakers
  • Legal Thinking for Bill Drafters *
  • The History and Evolution of Legislative Committee Systems
  • Supreme Court Trends: Federalism and States’ Rights
  • Virginia Sesquicentennial Commission on the Civil War
  • Hiring and Training Seasonal Proofreaders
  • The Bill Drafting Puzzle: Recognizing and Shaping the Pieces
  • Confronting and Managing Biases
  • Virginia State Capitol Tour
  • Virginia Legislative Staff Services
  • What is a Person?
  • Ethics Commissions
  • Editors’ Roundtable: Coping with Deadlines and Other Stressors on the Job
  • Defending the Legislature’s Confidences in the Context of Voting Rights Act Litigation
  • Generations at Work: Collision, Confusion or Collaboration?


Legislative Summit – Atlanta, Georgia

  • Legal Thinking and Writing
  • Common Goals: Nonpartisan and Partisan Staff Roles
  • Public Access to Legislative Information
  • Legislative Staff University: Staying Engaged and Motivated
  • Drafting Constitutional Amendments
  • High Tech Committees
  • Technology Innovations for Constituent Services

Fall Seminar – Denver, Colorado

  • Supreme Court Update
  • Exemplary Staff Services
  • The Power of Persuasion
  • Colorado Legislative Staff Services
  • Employment Law 201      
  • Effective Use of the Interim
  • Drafting and Editing Technology
  • Working With New Members
  • Sound Hiring Practices
  • Using Public Policy Polling Data
  • The Paperless Legislature
  • Statute's Journey Through the Branches
  • Governing in a Purple State


Legislative Summit - Chicago, Illinois

  • Records Retention: What to Keep and How to Keep It (CLE)
  • RACSS Roundtable: Looking Ahead: Nonpartisan Staff Roles
  • RACSS: Issue Orientation Programs for Legislators
  • RACSS Business Meeting
  • Helping the Public: Constituent Services Programs
  • Researching the History or Intent of Legislation (CLE)
  • Avoiding Bias and Preparing Balanced Research

Fall Seminar (Super PDS) - Madison, Wisconsin

  • A View From the Bench: Discussion with a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice
  • Best Practices in Writing Bill Analyses
  • Confidentiality of Drafting and Legislative Records
  • Elections and Voter ID
  • Electronic Bill Drafting and Tracking Systems
  • Joint: Are You Hyper-Connected?
  • Joint: Decoding Body Language
  • Joint: Negotiation and Compromise in the Legislative Arena
  • Legal Writing
  • Lessons Learned Large Events at Capitols v. First Amendment Rights
  • On the High Wire: The Editorial Balancing Act
  • Publishing Statutes Electronic Age
  • Solving Drafting Problems
  • Strategic Planning for Legislative Staff Agencies
  • Thinking Skills for Legislative Staff
  • U.S. Supreme Court Update: Looking Forward and Looking Back
  • Joint Reception and Capitol Tours


Legislative Summit - San Antonio, Texas

  • Using Census Data for Legislative Research
  • When Serving the Legislature Means Serving Constituents
  • Moving Beyond PowerPoint Fatigue
  • Legislative Staff University: Ethics and the Box Office
  • Legislative Staff Workshop:  So You Think Things Were Tough Before? Turning Challenges into Opportunities
  • Salute to Legislative Staff: Making History: Working for America’s Legislatures

Fall Seminar - Portland, Oregon (concurrent/joint with NALIT)

  • Ready, Fire, Aim!  Planning Effective Policy Research
  • Conducting 50-State Research and Evaluating Information Resources
  • Succession Planning for Legislative Agencies
  • Using GIS for Legislative Research and Policy Analysis
  • Roundtable on the 2011 Legislative Session
  • Oregon Committee Services and Chamber Technology
  • Social Media Do’s & Don’ts
  • Using Technology to Increase Efficiency and Productivity
  • Records Retention for Staff Documents: What to Save, How to Save, & Why You Save It
  • Legislative Staff Ethics


Legislative Summit - Louisville, Kentucky

  • Understanding and Working with Political Personalities
  • Preemption: A Way of Washington Life?
  • Social Media: Proceed With Caution
  • The History of Henry Clay
  • Legislative Staff University: Leadership in Challenging Times
  • Legislative Staff University:  Making Your Point Successfully

Note: No fall seminar was held in 2010.


Legislative Summit - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Stepping Up to the Plate: Confronting Ethical Problems Head On
  • Supreme Court Update
  • Staff Mega Session: Doing More With Less: Become a Creative Innovator
  • Interpreting Federal Law: What Are the Impacts?
  • Staff Mega Session: Building a Thriving Organization

Note: No fall seminar was held in 2009.


Legislative Summit - New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Welcome to the Trenches: Using Mentors in Legislative Agencies
  • LSCC Megasession: Juggling Power, Principle and Professionalism: Ethics and Legislative Staff
  • Out with the Old, In with the New: Succession and Retirement Planning in State Legislatures
  • LSCC Megasession: Millennial Makeover
  • Hit Send? Not So Fast! Professional and Legal Issues for Legislative E-Mail
  • Louisiana Politics: Let the Good Times Roll

Fall Seminar - Tampa, Florida

  • Bringing Out the Best In Team Members
  • Can Flexible Schedules Work for Legislative Staff?
  • Creative Uses of Technology for Legislatures
  • Innovative New Member Orientation Programs
  • Career Transitions: The Multi-Generational Legislative Workplace
  • Employment Law 101
  • The Bad Attitude Survival Guide
  • Researching on the Run


Annual Meeting - Boston, Massachusetts

  • New Legislator Orientation Programs
  • Providing Constituent Services: Challenges and Demands
  • Supreme Court Update
  • Innovative Services to Members and Citizens
  • Building Better Analytical Skills
  • Help for New Managers

Fall Seminar - Santa Fe, New Mexico (joint with LSSS & LRL)

  • Conveying Your Message Effectively
  • History of Law in New Mexico
  • Help for New Managers
  • Legal Writing
  • Introductory Drafting Track
  • The ABCs of Free Trade Agreements
  • Overview of  U.S. Supreme Court Action
  • Native American/Tribal Law
  • Preparing Balanced Research and Avoiding Biases
  • Pros and Cons of Legislative Oversight of Administrative Rules
  • Unintended Consequences of Drafting
  • Statutory Construction
  • Developing Underperformers
  • Legislative Intent
  • Legislative Staff Services in New Mexico and Capitol Tour
  • Legislative Ethics
  • Innovations in Services to Members and the Public
  • Legislative Services in Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Archival Preservation


Annual Meeting - Nashville, Tennessee

  • Exemplary Staff Services
  • The Effect of Direct Democracy on State Constitutions
  • Supreme Court Update
  • Picking Up the Pieces After Katrina and Rita
  • Legislative Documents as Public Records: Why? Why Not?
  • Dilemmas That Go Bump in the Night
  • Legislative Staff Diversity
  • Crafting a Successful Diversity Strategy

Fall Seminar - Burlington, Vermont

  • Trends in the Legislative Workplace: Exemplary Staff Services
  • Hiring and Retaining Qualified Staff
  • Knowledge Management for Legislative Agencies
  • Climbing the Career Ladder
  • Legislative Oversight of State Grants
  • The Not-So-Hidden Message: Non-Verbal Communication
  • Demographic Trends and Their Impact on Public Policy
  • State Fiscal Outlook
  • Archiving and Preserving Legislative Documents
  • Tour of Vermont State House and Reception with Vermont Legislative Staff
  • Emerging Trends: Technology
  • Sharpening Your Research Skills


Annual Meeting - Seattle, Washington

  • U.S. Supreme Court Update
  • Judicial Misuse of Legislative History
  • Maintaining Your Tools for Better Legislative Construction
  • Whistle While You Work
  • Research and Legal Resources on the Internet
  • Writing for the Legislative Audience
  • Digital Information Issues for Legislative Agencies

Fall Seminar - Chicago, Illinois (joint with RACSS, LSSS & LRL)

  • Work Issues in a Legislative Service Agency
  • Media Training
  • Evaluating Research Resources
  • Legislative Immunity/Privilege
  • Research Skills: Finding 50-state Compilations
  • Statutory Construction and Statutory Drafting
  • Legislative Documents
  • Legislative Judicial Relations
  • Writing Workshop: Why Most of What We Have Been Taught about How to Write Paragraphs Just Won’t Do
  • Use and Misuse of Statistics
  • Emerging Legal Issues in Campaigning
  • Uniform Laws
  • Distinguished Scholar Series : Whither the Constitution and the Supreme Court?
  • Roundtable: Hot Issues in the States


Annual Meeting - Salt Lake City, Utah

  • A Focus on Legislative Staff: Retaining the Best and the Brightest
  • Reaching Out—Effective Ways to Communicate Information
  • Dilemmas That Go Bump in the Night!  Ethical Decision Making for Public Life (CLE)
  • Preserving Institutional Memory
  • Utah’s Political History
  • Separation of Powers in the 21st Century (concurrent-CLE)
  • U.S. Supreme Court Update (concurrent-CLE)

Fall Seminar - Annapolis, Maryland

  • Leadership Styles and Teamwork: High Performance Teams and Leading Change Through Teams
  • Maryland Staff Services and Information Technology
  • Values-Based Ethics
  • Interactions with Legislative Staff from the Lobbyists Perspective
  • The Role of the Ethics Counsel in the Maryland General Assembly
  • Tours of the Historic State House and Governor’s Mansion


Annual Meeting - San Francisco, California

  • Staff Services: Maintaining Objectivity in a Partisan Arena
  • Programming Versus Content in Building and Maintaining Legislative Web Sites
  • Homeland Security and Civil Liberties
  • U.S. Supreme Court Update 

Fall Seminar - Portland, Maine

  • Enhance Your Working Relationships
  • Expand Your Resources Through Collaboration 
  • Our Biggest Messes
  • Package Your Research For Maximum Impact
  • Staff Ethics: Trust Your Instincts 
  • Effective Use of the Interim  


Annual Meeting - Denver, Colorado

  • Personnel Law and Legislative Liability
  • Managing Staff Across the Generations
  • Staff Roles in Organizing a Major Legislative Event
  • Colorado and the Politics of Boom and Bust
  • Developing a Tactical Plan for Legislative Staff Services: The Oregon Experience

Fall Seminar - Sacramento, California

  • Surviving and Thriving in Difficult Working Situations
  • Divided Loyalties: Serving the Legislature or Serving the Public?
  • Meet the Press: Working with the Media
  • State Capitol Safety and Security Issues for Legislative Staff
  • Staying Alive: Tactical Planning for Legislative Staff Agencies
  • California Legislative Staff Services
  • Numbers Don't Lie-Or Do They? Accurately Using Statistics and Graphics


Annual Meeting - San Antonio, Texas

  • Writing for the Legislature: Write So They'll Read It!
  • Communicating Effectively in a Changing Legislative Environment
  • The Political History of the Lone Star State
  • Strategies for Providing Effective Support for Legislative Committees

Fall Seminar - Richmond, Virginia (joint with LRL)

  • What's Your Communication Style?
  • Tour at LEXIS Law Publishing
  • Team Leadership
  • Small Team Leadership: The Art of Delegation
  • Using Teleconferencing for Legislative Committee Meetings
  • Dealing with Difficult People

ASI/AFI Fall Meeting - Washington, DC

  • Staff Support for Congressional Committees
  • International Training: Opportunities for Legislative Staff
  • The Impact of Recent U.S. Supreme Court Rulings for the States


Annual Meeting - Chicago, Illinois

  • New Data on the Way: The American Community Survey
  • Intellectual Property in a Digital Environment
  • Illinois' Political History
  • Staff Survival Skills for Working with the Media
  • Reinventing Customer Service for a New Century

Fall Seminar - Austin, Texas (joint with NLPES)

  • Future Gazing
  • Driving Forces-The NCSL Study Looking at the Future
  • C-C-C-Changes
  • Making It Happen-Selling Change to Your Organization
  • Workshops (presented in concurrent 3 tracks):
  • Excellence Panel
  • Technology Fix: Improving Our Technology Skills
  • Higher Education
  • Writing for the Future
  • Evaluating Virtual Agencies
  • E-Government
  • Sell It So They'll Buy It! (Effective Presentations)
  • Data Analysis
  • Public Safety and Criminal Justice
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • New Technology to Address Challenges
  • Business and Economic Development
  • Effective Contracting for Services
  • Internet
  • Health and Human Services
  • Negotiating for Best Results
  • Evaluating the Morphing Program
  • Public Education

ASI/AFI Fall Meeting - Washington, DC

  • U.S. Supreme Court Review
  • Maryland Legislative Services: Program and Site Visit


Annual Meeting - Indianapolis, IN

  • Indiana's Political History
  • Legislative Staff Services to the Indiana General Assembly/Capitol Tour
  • Managing Workplace Stress
  • Orientation Programs for Legislators 

Fall Seminar - Charleston, South Carolina (joint with LSSS)

  • Ethical Issues for Legislative Staff
  • The Role of Legislative Staff
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Multi-state Document Management Project
  • Effective Writing for the Legislature
  • Improving Workplace Relationships
  • Statutory Construction
  • Legislative Staff Services: A Comparison

ASI/AFI Fall Meeting - Washington, DC

  • Supreme Court Cases Affecting the States
  • Research Services at the National Archives


Annual Meeting - Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Politics in the Life of a Colony: The Fascinating Political History of Nevada and Las Vegas
  • Managing Legislative Web Sites-A Learn as You Grow Proposition
  • Thomas Jefferson Comments on the New Millennium
  • Notions of Public Service Across Generational Lines

Fall Seminar - St. Paul, Minnesota (joint with LSSS)

  • Ethical Challenges for Legislative Research and Legal Staff
  • Working Skills for the Next Century
  • Codification of Statutes and Cases
  • Effective Writing for the Legislature
  • Coping with Legislative Crises
  • Minnesota Legislative Staff Services and Capitol Tour
  • Statutory Construction
  • Effective Use of Statistics and Graphics
  • The Role of the Legislature in Civic Education

ASI/AFI Fall Meeting - Washington, DC

  • NPR: Covering Politics From the Perspective of National Public Radio
  • Recent and Upcoming Supreme Court Cases: How Will They Affect the States?


Annual Meeting - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Pennsylvania's Political History
  • Making Effective Presentations to Legislators
  • Research and Legal Resources on the Internet
  • Managing Change in the Legislative Environment
  • Ethical Challenges for Researchers and Bill Drafters

Fall Seminar - Washington, DC

  • Effective Writing Skills
  • Quick Decision Analysis
  • Tall Tales From Capitol Hill
  • Meeting Members Research Needs in the Age of Devolution
  • US Supreme Court Report
  • Marketing Your Research Product
  • Tour of the US Capitol
  • Techniques for Positive Interaction

ASI/AFI Fall Meeting - Washington, DC

  • Profile and Tour of NCSL's Washington Office
  • Legislative History
  • Term Limits and Their Effects on Legislative Services


Annual Meeting - St. Louis, Missouri

  • Legislative Staff Working as a Team
  • Research Requests: A Prickly Problem or Appropriate Project?
  • Missouri's Political History and Harry Truman
  • Legislatures on the World Wide Web
  • Legal Research for Non-Lawyers

Fall Seminar - Madison, Wisconsin (joint with NLPES)

  • Legislatures Under Fire
  • Devolution: Where Are We Going
  • Effective Writing Skills
  • Statistics
  • Importance of Humor in the Workplace
  • Policy Analysis
  • Managing Managerial Time Stress
  • Making Effective Presentations
  • Legal Research

ASI/AFI Fall Meeting - Washington, DC

  • Current Technology in Support of Congress/CRS Tour
  • Congressional Committee Staffing


Annual Meeting - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Designing Effective Research Reports
  • Staff Relationships With Lobbyists
  • State Legislatures-Are They Agents of Change?
  • Legislative Experiences With Reinventing Government
  • Wisconsin's Political History
  • Legislative Staff Services in Wisconsin

Fall Seminar - Denver, Colorado

  • Presentation Skills
  • Effective Writing Skills
  • Policy Analysis
  • The Art of Negotiation
  • Congress and its Impact on the States
  • Public Presentation Skills
  • Legal Research for Non-Lawyers
  • Effective Report Formats
  • Colorado Staff Services and Capitol Tour
  • Denver Public Library Tour
  • NCSL Office Tour

ASI Fall Meeting - Atlanta, Georgia

  • Public Presentation Skills
  • Georgia Research Services and Capitol Tour
  • Carter Presidential Library Tour


Annual Meeting - New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Implementing the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) in State Legislatures
  • Ethics: Always an Issue
  • Marketing Your Services to the Legislature
  • National Information Highway: Freeway or Tollroad?
  • Electronic Research: The Answer's Out There
  • Hosting International Guests
  • Internet: Why and How?
  • If These Walls Could Talk: Louisiana's Colorful Political History

Fall Seminar - Hartford, Connecticut

  • The Changing Role of Legislative Staff
  • Effective Use of Graphics
  • Presentation Skills
  • Improving Writing Skills
  • Working With Difficult People
  • Statistics Don't Lie-Or Do They?
  • On-Line Searching
  • Reports Formats: What's the Big Deal?
  • Legislative Bill Analysis
  • Staff Roles in Connecticut's Legislative Process

AOL Spring Meeting - Washington, DC

  • Inside a Think Tank: A Visit to the Brookings Institution
  • A Visit to CRS: Services Provided by the Congressional Research Service
  • ASI Fall Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Avoiding Research Biases
  • Using Computers as a Researcher
  • Draft Code of Conduct
  • Utah Research Services and Capitol Tour


Annual Meeting - San Diego, California

  • Emerging Technologies: The Legislature of the Future
  • LEGISNET Training and Demonstration
  • NCSL Information Services: LEGISNET and the BBS
  • Ethical Issues for Legislative Staff
  • Strategies for Managing a Diverse Legislative Workforce
  • Partnerships With Academia: Benefits for Legislative Research Staff
  • California Legislative Research, Committee and Bill Drafting Services
  • Legislative Libraries and Research in the New Democracies of Eastern Europe
  • Update on the NCSL Bulletin Board System
  • Committees and the Clerk's Office

AOL Fall Meeting - Phoenix, Arizona

  • Working With the Academic Community: Results of the RACSS Survey
  • Mentors: Using the Buddy System to Help New Staff Learn the Ropes
  • Arizona Legislative Research and Committee Services/Capitol Tour


Annual Meeting - Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Is There Still a Career Ladder for Legislative Staff?
  • Orientation and Training of New Legislative Staff
  • Strategic Planning and Problem Solving
  • Access to Public Records: Policies for the Information Age
  • Ohio Research and Committee Staffing
  • Writing in the Legislative Environment
  • Aid to Newly Democratizing Legislatures

AOL Fall Meeting - Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Eliminating Sexism in Bill Drafting
  • Working With Legislative Staff in Other States, Without Traveling
  • Legislative Staff and the Academic Community: Creating a Productive Relationship
  • Research, Committee and Bill Drafting Services in North Carolina


Annual Meeting - Orlando, Florida

  • Negotiating to Survive: Strategies for Legislative Staff
  • Styles of Communication: Techniques for Positive Interaction
  • Motivating Staff During a Budget Crisis
  • A Question of Ethics: Issues Confronting Legislative Staff
  • International Update: The Role of State Legislatures in the International Community
  • Florida Research and Committee Staffing
  • Adjustment of the 1990 Census: What Does it Mean for the States?
  • Alternatives to the Traditional Redistricting Process
  • Census Bureau Update and Update of Redistricting-Related Litigation

AOL Spring Meeting - Lincoln, Nebraska

  • Understanding the Unicameral Legislature
  • A Look at Research and Legal Services Operations in the Nebraska Legislature
  • Census Bureau Update
  • The Legislative Institution: Progress, Problems and Possibilities

AOL Fall Meeting - Portland, Maine

  • An Overview of Bill Drafting Processes for Research Analysts
  • Policy Manuals for Legislative Staff
  • Maine Research and Committee Staffing


Annual Meeting - Nashville, Tennessee

  • Developing Legislatures in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
  • Conflict Resolution for Legislative Staff
  • NCSL's Legislative Staff Management Institute: A Status Report
  • Effective Evaluation of Legislative Staff Offices
  • Briefing: Tennessee Offices of Legal and Legislative Services
  • Issues Forecasting: The Role of Legislative Staff
  • Using the New Census Data: Economic & Demographic Forecasting for State Legislatures

AOL Fall Meeting - Chicago, Illinois

  • Legislative Staff Ethics
  • US Supreme Court Ruling in Rutan v Republican Party of Illinois: Party Affiliation & Legislative Staff


Annual Meeting - Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Personnel Law: Avoiding Employee Lawsuits
  • Staff Organizational Trends
  • Strategic Planning for Legislative Staff
  • Professional Development for Legislative Staff: Your Own In-House Programs
  • Legislative Staff Ethics
  • Uniform and Model Acts: Versatile Tools for Legislative Action
  • Information and Research Support for the Legislatures of Australia, New Zealand and the Southwest Pacific

AOL Fall Meeting - Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Sharpening Presentation Skills: How To Do a Better Job of Providing Oral Testimony
  • Briefing on the New Mexico Legislative Council Service/Capitol Tour


Annual Meeting - Reno, Nevada

  • Staff Wars - Relations Between Partisan and Nonpartisan Staff
  • Managerial Skills for Staff Wars
  • Tapping the Resources of Academia
  • Legislative Staffing for Scientific Topics
  • Effective Staff Communication With Legislators and Committees
  • Searching Statutory Databases
  • Graphics: Effective Presentation of Statistical Information

AOL Spring Meeting - Sacramento, California

  • Staffing the California Legislature

AOL Fall Meeting - Annapolis, Maryland

  • Recent and Pending Supreme Court Cases
  • Ethics for Legislative Staff
  • Structure and Operation of the Maryland Dept. of Legislative Reference


Annual Meeting - Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Presentation Skills Workshop: Audio/Visual Techniques for Effective Communication
  • Performance Evaluation for Legislative Employees
  • Privatization of Federal Government Information
  • Managing the Research Process: A Look at Tracking Systems for Legislative Information Requests
  • The Indiana Legislative Services Agency

AOL Fall Meeting - Hartford, Connecticut

  • Continuing Education Opportunities for Legislative Staff
  • The Connecticut Office of Legislative Research


Annual Meeting - New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Personnel Management: Successful Strategies for Motivating Employees
  • How to Make Effective Presentations to Legislators
  • Stress Management Workshop

AOL Fall Meeting - Charleston, South Carolina

  • The Congressional Research Service - An Overview of its Organization and Operation


Annual Meeting - Seattle, Washington

  • Computers and Communications in State Legislatures: A Look at New Trends
  • Legislative Staff: What Does the Future Hold?

AOL Spring Meeting - Frankfort, Kentucky

  • Briefing - Kentucky Legislative Research Commission
  • Building Effective Relationships Among Central, Partisan, Committee and Other Legislative Staff Operations

AOL Fall Meeting - Williamsburg, Virginia

  • NCSL Structure, Staff and Services


Annual Meeting - Boston, Massachusetts

  • Conflict Management in Group Decision-Making
  • Staff Development in State Legislatures

AOL Spring Meeting - Salt Lake City, Utah

  • The Application of Computer Technology to Research Agency Management

AOL Fall Meeting - Sacramento, California

  • Gann - The Staff Response
  • California's State-of-the-Art Office Automation and Legislative Information Systems


AOL Fall Meeting - Tallahassee, Florida

  • Rewarding Performance in a Time of Diminishing Resources
  • Managing the Research Process and Committee Personnel
  • Applying Computer Technology to Research Agency Management


Annual Meeting - Chicago, Illinois

  • Employee Evaluations: Borrowing From the Private Sector

Notes:  NCSL's annual meeting is now called the Legislative Summit.  Meetings of NCSL's Standing Committees are now called Forums, and meet in the Fall.  Formerly they were called the Assembly on State Issues (ASI) and Assembly on Federal Issues (AFI), and prior to that, were called the Assembly on the Legislature (AOL) and Assembly on Federal Issues (AFI).


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